Best App to Surf Indonesia Stock Market

So you just got yourself an RDI account and you are officially one of the Retail Investor in Indonesia Stock Market. What next? I’m here to recommend several useful apps for you!

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  • Stockbit

Unfortunately, the mobile app from my chosen investment bank (sekuritas) does not have the most user friendly app interface. So a quick browsing is a bit painful. When I need to take a quick look for an issuer (emiten), Stockbit is very much helpful. Since it is integrated with an actual investment bank (supported by Sinarmas), the interface is exactly like your typical mobile app, just a lot better. Don’t worry, you don’t need to register for Sinarmas Investment Bank if you just want to see the data in mobile version. The news and comments are still in Bahasa though, but any fundamental analysis is available in English and simple charts.

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