Jatomi Fitness Kuningan City Review

Di liburan lebaran ini, gym langganan saya yang nun jauh di deket kantor itu masih tutup. Jadi saya iseng nyobain salah satu mega gym yang deket rumah: Jatomi Fitness. Kalo pake aplikasi Fitnesia, saya bisa dapet harga Rp80.000,- untuk single-day access dari harga normal Rp180.000,-. Kebetulan saya belum pernah nyoba latihan disana. Jadi lumayan untuk sekali-kali latihan disana tanpa harus ngambil paket minimal 4 bulan. Anyway, apa itu Fitnesia? Fitnesia adalah online booking platform untuk memesan aktivitas ataupun jasa di tempat-tempat fitness, spa, beauty services khusus partner Fitnesia yang berpartisipasi. Seperti biasa, bermodalkan nekad dan rasa ingin tahu yang tinggi, saya booking single-day access untuk ke Jatomi Fitness di Kuningan City, sendirian. 
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Fitness Update

As you guys know from my previous post, I recently go to the gym again regularly. My colleagues think I’m a little bit insane by going to gym at 6.30 in the morning every two or three times a week. But well, I need it, and I’m gonna do it. As for fitness goals, I currently focus on gaining strength and overall stamina. Especially for my right quad and the muscles around my knees. Of course I can’t go all out like I used to do. I really feel that having a personal trainer is one of the best investment for my goal. Basically I feel like I was training with a physiotherapist because the exercises were very similar to the ones that I had when I used to go to the physiotherapy sessions every week. You know, learning to walk properly, etc. However, this time it gets a tiny bit advanced, which is learning to ‘duduk diantara dua sujud’, learning to stand up from ‘sujud’, you know, essential stuffs. I know myself too well that I’m struggling to do it on my own. And there is no shame in getting help.

Anyway, as progress goes, my stamina is getting better this week. Entering my 7th week, I feel that I don’t need coffee as much as I usually needed. Nowadays I can enjoy good quality of sleeps. I wake up not feeling exhausted like my first couple of weeks at work. I mean, it gets easier as the time goes. With the distance between home and work (plus the-f#cking-traffic-jam-factor) I thought I was insane committing through my schedule hahah. Nevertheless, I’m so lucky that I found what works for me. Don’t forget that every person is unique because they have their own needs and goals. So, do what works for you. And remember that there is no shame in getting help.

Social Media Detox for a Year

Being a millennial, I have been on the internet since the year 2002 (that’s like about 15 years already?). Anybody at that time would carelessly over-shared what we have in our lives to the internet (because who the h#ll understands about consequences anyway? haha). I’m talking about the time when the nitizen uses Friendster, AOL, mIRC, Geocities, Multiply, and I really mean even-before-myspace kind of era. Like, most of people might didn’t understand what an e-mail was.

With that background in mind, I thought I was ‘smart’ enough to use the so-called social media in today’s internet. However, ever since I graduated from collage apparently I “live on the internet” more often than I live my life. Bluntly speaking, that was very intoxicating. Anyways, as you ladies and gentlemen knew from my previous post, I went for a social media detox for a year in 2016. So, here are several things that I learn from this experiment.

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New Job, New Gym, New Life

April has been amazing so far. I’m not talking about my birthday here haha. But it really has been a blast.

The highlight of this month is definitely my new job. Looking back from a few years earlier, I went from being a science student, a photographer, graphic designer, English instructor, proofreader, and then here I am now in the investigation industry. It’s challenging -not gonna lie. But it’s do-able. I just wish that Jakarta’s traffic isn’t as jammed like it is now. No wonder people can only spend so little time with family: the traffic jam is too overwhelming… every single day. Nevertheless, I’m very grateful for these new people I’m working with now. I’m starting to live a new life. And it’s one of the best birthday gift from Allah swt.

New life means new gym. I know, I know most of you might think did I lost my fvcking mind?? Every people in this planet earth doesn’t agree with me starting to hit the gym as soon as I get a job. Especially with my post-operation knee(s) February last year. I knew my knees aren’t 100% recovered yet because I was not able to train my quads. I felt that cycling and swimming didn’t effect that much in strengthening my quadricepts. I just can’t put my heart to it. For me personally, cycling is boring and I can never stand the cold water when I swim. Let’s not talk about yoga nor pilates because I hated it hahaha. What I really really enjoy is weight training. I enjoy the process, I can feel the results on my muscles and stamina, there are so many movement variations, I feel energized, it’s very much therapeutic for my mind. But I do understand that I can’t carelessly training by my self since I’m prone to injury. That’s why I’m training with a personal trainer, and I also no longer practice high intensity workouts. The result? Well, I can now pray with normal movement :) See? I’m not crazy. I have my own calculation.

Another highlight this month? I attended a wedding of my best friend last week. I met so many friends from collage and from high school at that one event. One thing that I haven’t mention here in my blog is that I had been on ‘social media detox’ for one year since last April. No Facebook, Twitter, Path, Whatsapp or even text messages. I was strictly only on Instagram and Youtube. So it was such an interesting experience meeting 50-ish acquaintances and close friends all at the same time. It’s like living alone at a deserted island then suddenly go to a big party haha. Later in the afternoon, I met someone from the internet, in person, for the first time! Yes I’m talking about you Apri! :D Haha we really should arrange better meetings next time.