All the pictures from this blog that have been watermarked are taken by me and fully belonged to me. If you want to use any photo of mine, please refer back to my blog and please don’t modify any of the watermarks. I believe that nobody likes to have their hard work being stolen :) Please do drop me a message if you want me to visit your blog where my photos were featured! :D
I appreciate every hard work, so if there’s any pictures or content in this blog that you believe it’s yours and you want me to remove it, please contact me via e-mail at hello@lastimperfection.blog and I will gladly remove them.

Header image Designed by Freepik

I’m not a makeup artist nor a beauty expert and not in any way I am trying to be one. So, please do a deep research about every product I reviewed here before deciding to try one :) All my reviews are based on my honest opinion and how the products reacted to my skin (sensitive-dehydrated-oily-acneprone). This might not always work for you because every person has different skin (as well as different sensitivity towards particular skincare/makeup ingredients). Every products that I use are not sponsored and I bought them with my own money -unless it stated otherwise.

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