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I might be an athletic person, but I’m not an athlete. Jadi atlet itu, sepemahaman saya, menu latihannya ngga sekedar nge-gym^^. It’s far more than that. But if you are a girl and gym is your thing, you might feel relatable to this video like I do.

Ngga semuanya saya alamin sih. Kya mandi pake es batu, nope I can’t do that & ngga pernah berangan-angan untuk bisa. Jadi mari simak saya mengupas satu-satu.

1. Struggling to have a social life
Sejak pindah ke Jakarta, jujur aja saya ngga punya banyak temen main (kalo di Bandung sih I might go out everyday hahaha). Di kondisi yang kya gini aja, kalo saya diajak jalan sama temen kuliah kadang saya sengaja nge’les’ ke temen jika jadwalnya berpotensi bentrok dengan jadwal saya ke gym. Soalnya kalo saya jujur bilang mau ke gym, pasti langsung dicela, “lo itu udah kurus, apalagi yang mau dibakar?” Well I workout ain’t for being skinny, honey. Mau bilang itu berapa kali juga ngga semua orang mau ngerti^^;; sekalipun itu keluarga sendiri haha. Jadi daripada berlama-lama bikin penjelasan, saya mending langsung bilang, “ooohhh sori gue udah ada acara sama sepupu gue” dan sejenisnya. Bukannya saya ngga suka jalan-jalan sih, but I just like to maintain my discipline^^ jadi saya sebisa mungkin ngatur jadwal untuk ngga bentrok.

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What is Your Body Type? Take the test!

Okay that illustration is a bit of a joke hahaha. But really, the three figure on the left is the real type, so just focus on those three :P
It is important to learn how to train for your body type and what the differences are. Therefore you can train with the correct exercise and portion to achieve your goals. There are three types of human body. Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph. General characterization as follows (credits to bodybuilding.com):

Narrow hips and clavicles
Small joints (wrist/ankles)
Thin build
Stringy muscle bellies
Long limbs

Wide clavicles
Narrow waist
Thinner joints
Long and round muscle bellies

Thick rib cage
Wide/thicker joints
Hips as wide (or wider)
than clavicles
Shorter limbs

However, human body classification isn’t as simple as that. When we look ourselves in the mirror, we are most likely confused by how our body look like. Big arms, but small head, muscular thighs, what am I? Alien? No. You’re not alone with this. Because although it is possible that we are identified as a pure 100% one specific body type, we might also be a hybrid of one or two other types. Be sure to take the test at this website to know what kind of hybrid you are.

And these bellow are my results. Your turn! :D

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The-so-called Workout Routine

Gara-gara seorang oknum (yes I’m looking at you mba Irni hahaha), postingan yang saya tulis berbulan-bulan lalu mengenai FF vs CF dibaca oleh pihak FF LA. I was super shocked when one of the PT came up to me and said thank you for the article (helloo mba Maria :3). Dan dari mba Lidya dan Rahel, saya jadi tau kalo postingan itu dibaca oleh seluruh PT di FF LA. #haha #really #wtf #omg #why. T,T I never expect they would find such a thing hahaha. Thank you so much for reading, and if some of you decided to hang out in this blog for more, let me say thank you once again for your kind interest :) Really appreciate that!

Speaking of workout goals, I actually don’t have anything major to visually change my appearance like losing weight or body building since I’m already happy with my body. But working out does make a change whether I want it or not. I lost weight from 65kg to 56kg. My denim size went from 36 to 30 or 29. Of course my 170cm height does not change, so every long-time-no-see friends or relatives often got surprised and gave me the “you-got-so-skinny!!” word. Well I guess I did.

I do really want to work on my endurance and to simply staying active thou. You guys do know I used to be a not very fit person. Like for example, when I first tried the treadmill, my heart rate went 160-ish only after 30 sec at speed 5mph. And I used to hate every sport activity (beside basketball). After my personal training session with mba Maria several months ago, I truly found that exercise is a very fun activity. It literally became a hobby for me. Later on, being able to do push-ups (which I thought I will never be able to do) was just super exhilarating. Whenever I got to try new things, there’s this monologue inside myhead that goes, “oh look, I can do this, wow, very interesting, I should do it again.” So basicly, I looked like a kid who just got a new toy haha.

Unfortunately every “too much” is never been good for anything. I got too obsessed with this hobby, hence I overused both of my knees ^^;; It’s already 4 months since I stopped going to the gym due to recovering from the injury. And now I’m officially craving for Endorphins, you know that chemicals that released while exercising :P Since I’m not yet allowed to exercise like I used to, let me take a look back what’s my workout routine were.

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