10 years is a long time

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We all agree that this pandemic is not a productivity competition. People are struggling, the health care providers, government, people are sick, withstanding their job, *sigh* it’s such a difficult time for everyone. So I might as well write again.

So, how’s life been treating me? I’ve been well, I’ve been through some preference shift on my interest, hobby and stuff -well yes of course compared to the-2010-me when I started this blog haha (I’m now 30!! omg how craazy is that!!).

I enjoy EDMs now. Blame this on BodyJam class lol. I still do enjoy good lyrical songs (John Mayer oh hello!) but EDM (Electronic Dance Music) for me is pure entertainment. It is 99,99% loud and idk I feel like it reflected my fondness of the fitness world since I’m used to these musics banging on the gym. So, it’s not that I like to go to the club, definitely not. It’s fun because I get to get my serious cardio burning while following interesting dance choreography at the gym.

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I finally happy with my skincare routine. No more flaky/oily skin like I used to have during my college years! I even actually made a new blog about beauty (thewindchill -if you got to read it lol). After a few years of writing that blog, I decided to merge it into this one. At first I thought that blog was just my alter-ego speaking, it eventually morphed into the one I am today. I see it as a long term hobby that I can do anywhere or anytime. If you want to check those writings you can click on “Beauty” on the menu above.


I enjoy doing my makeup. In addition to skincare, apparently applying makeup is very therapeutic and relaxing! I mean I can put on my makeup and wear it through the day although I’m not going anywhere (not even posting a picture). I watched so many videos on YouTube about makeup (YouTube was still a comfortable little place back in 2013 where all the ‘non-popular-kids’ like me hung out lol). The more I let myself venture into the beauty realm, the more I understand that for me makeup and skincare is a part of my “self care” routine. It’s not meant to satisfy anyone but myself.  I even once went through FOMO phase (Fear Of Missing Out) where I literally wanted to buy all of the new launches, I wanted to try EVERYTHING. Fortunately enough at that time local brands were not as many and as interesting as the ones today lol, so my choices were limited and I didn’t need to buy too many things. Now that phase is over, I actually know what makeup products I prefer based on makeup style I enjoy. Also now I know which ingredient in skincare that my skin actually like and dislike.

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  • Have you noticed I re-branded this blog??! Last Imperfection has grew into The Brown Space. Brown because I want this blog to be a cozy warm little Space in the middle of fast content era. I think I should regularly write in here as little as once per month(?) I hope that doesn’t sound too ambitious seeing the my hiatus in the past few years haha. But you know I recently merge my beauty blog, so don’t get confused if you suddenly see a lipstick on your feed.

Although I’m not complaining being at home because of the pandemic, I guess I’m ‘being productive at home’ as a way to sooth my self from the mass panic that the television news has made us feel. Like dr. Mike said: be alert, not panic.


Saya baru aja baca postingan-postingan lama. Dan ini jadi bikin saya kangen bandung lagi :). Dari cerita hari-hari pertama jadi anak kuliahan, banyaknya pengalaman seru di himpunan, sampe jalan kaki malem-malem sendirian di boulevard kampus. Saya ‘sisir’ semua blog post dan saya re-organized ulang secukupnya. Seperti men-delete postingan yang tidak penting dan mensensor hal-hal yang berpotensi membuat saya terjerat undang-und4ng ite e, hahaha. Tapi pada dasarnya tulisan-tulisan lama itu saya biarkan ‘mentah’ kok. Yang jelas I’m in progress on doing something cute to this blog. Coming soon in the near future :) So stay tuned.

ok let me tell you this

I found several songs really annoying. I don’t know, I’m sorry I just hate them. why? because like EVERYONE ON THIS PLANET EARTH sings them and play their guitar chords nonstop like crazy. i found the songs airing on the radio here and there and it’s just too much, you know. i seriously got sick of it. what songs? these:

1. chr*stina p*rri – a thousand years

2. jas*n mr*z – i wont give up

I really don’t mind their other songs like perri’s “jar of something”, and maybe mraz’ “94 Million Miles” and “You and Me Both”. it’s fine, they’re nice. but i just can’t handle listening to those two. I seriously hate them. If you want to kill me just let me listen to them one more time.