Coffee Shops + Studying = Does It Really Works?

When I was working on my final project back in collage, I used to go to the campus library or computer lab to work on the things that needed to be done. I brought my stuffs like laptop, notes, pens, markers, chargers. And when I felt like I need some refreshments, I went to Reading Lights, spoiled my mind with some hot chocolate mint and a cozy couch.

Me, now, living as a grad school student is somewhat feels a bit tricky. I embrace the library facility that my uni provide. That building is literally eff-in amazing, so big and comfortable. I just can’t handle the commuter line, especially in peak hours. Those people are driving me crazy. Nuff said about my uni library. So, where to head to get some collage task done? Find another public library? Or just stay at home?

Anyway, let’s be honest. While studying or doing some homeworks, I like some cute coffee, or tea, or ice blends to keep me awake. Unfortunately we’re not allowed to drink or eat anything in the library, am I right?
I also occasionally hum and sing along the music I listened to (very quietly :P). Add some casual non-violent headbangs as the beat goes on. Yep, can’t do that in the library.
How about at home? Well if you’re like me, the person who are easily distracted by le comfort bed room, and you always feel that your bed is calling you from the corner of your eyes, you may want to get out of there or else you’ll end up faffing around and can’t finish anything.

Coffee shops are probably one of the nicer alternatives (IF you know where to go). Foods and beverages provided, wifi and power socket for your gadgets, and everyone minds their own business. I mostly enjoy frappes and any hot coffee that involved latte. Definitely no black coffee for me but I do like my tea to be black. So now I think you kinda get that I’m no coffee critics okay. I’m just here for some fun drinks and looking for cozy place to do my homeworks. So let’s take a mini walkthrough for what I’ve been observing.

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Wedding Photographers’ Outfit

First of all I want to say that I’m not a fashion expert. I’m just a girl with a camera. Most of the time I don’t really mind what my daily outfit look like. But I’m aware that in lots of occasion a person needs to look decent because he/she is a representation of his/her professional work.

So Wedding Photographers, what should you wear at the venue? You don’t wanna be so over dressed, but at the same time you want to be looked professional. If you’re a guy, I think this matter wouldn’t be too complicated. But for female photographers? It would be VERY tricky, believe me. These are five things you -girls- need to consider when choosing an outfit if you’re going to photograph a wedding.

1. The goal is to dress professionally while being able to become invisible and blend into the background.
You want all the spotlight on those you’re photographing. Your best bet is to wear a pant or skirt suit that’s dressy, easy to move around in and simple. A very simple blouse with pressed bottoms (skirt or pants) perhaps. Just remember to make sure your hems are long enough. Better to be on the side of modesty in situation like this.

Remember that while you may be at the wedding, you are not part of the wedding. You should remain as inconspicuous as possible, especially during the ceremony. When in tight places use the utmost caution in calculating your steps. Even though you are to be inconspicuous and stealthlike, always remember that as a wedding photographer your job is crucial and will be (or not be) appreciated for a lifetime.

2. Wear comfy shoes
You’re going to walk like crazy as a wedding photographer on a wedding day. Sure, the Stilettos might look good at the wedding reception, unfortunately you’ll be the grumpiest wedding photographer on the planet. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you cannot use high heels at all. One of my favorite female photographer uses high heels 24/7, 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week, and I really mean everyday.
But she doesn’t do wedding photography, Idk.
For me, I think (a comfortable) flat shoes are the best. And in some cases, if you’re edgy enough, you can just take a nice pair of white converse if possible :P

Photographer's Shoes

Carvela Kurt Geiger flat heels, 723.400 IDR / Zara flat heels, 875.545 IDR / Witchery flat heels, 1.015.505 IDR / Flat, 486.955 IDR / Converse trainers, 664.350 IDR

3. Pockets are important
Of course for memory card, front cap of your lens, lip balm, run sheets, your mobile phone etc.

4. Less accessories is great
Pretty accessories are usually kept to a minimum so not to get in the way, however some bits of ’flair’ can be great for distracting children when doing the group shots.

5. Camera bags don’t have to be ugly to be practical.
Take a nice simple & functional ones with you.

Camera Bag

Kenneth Cole tote, 2.220.510 IDR / Retro bag, 817.985 IDR / Derek Lam bag, 13.537.335 IDR / Leather shoulder bag, 8.667.790 IDR / Grafea Leather Camera Bag Caramel, 2.657.390 IDR / Derek Lam Newton Camera Bag, 13.537.335 IDR

Finding a perfect match of outfit for female photographers can be very frustrating. Just don’t forget to enjoy capturing the beautiful moments of a wedding. Be comfortable with what you are wearing that matters :)

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How to Make “About” Mini Section

Have you guys notice my new “About” mini section on the top of navigation bar? Fungsinya bisa untuk sekedar greetings, atau menjelaskan isi web/blog secara singkat.
Screen shot 2013-01-12 at 3.59.20 PM
Okay, here’s the tutorial ;)

1. Buka sotoshop, pilih gambar yang akan digunakan.

2. Bikin layer baru yang berwarna PUTIH.

3. Duplikatkan gambar yang tadi kita buka. Kemudian urutkan posisi layer seperti pada contoh berikut:

4. Pada layer Background Copy, tambahkan vector mask.

5. Beri warna hitam vector mask tersebut dengan Paint Bucket Tool.

6. Kemudian kamu akan mendapatkan layar yang tiba-tiba berwarna putih! Bingung ya? Tapi coba cek vector mask-nya, apakah warnanya hitam? Kalau iya, artinya sudah benar :)

7. Pilih Ellips Tool, pastikan Option-nya Circle

8. Buatlah lingkaran di bagian gambar yang akan kamu pilih. 08nuririnwordpress

9. Atur posisi gambar yang muncul.

10. Tambahkan teks yang diinginkan. 10nuririnwordpress

11. Selesai! :D 11nuririnwordpress


Tutorial ini menggunakan Samsung Galaxy Notes N7000

5 Tips For a Better Portrait Photography

portraitBerikut adalah tips-tips untuk memotret model yang bukan model profesional. Tips ini di luar hal-hal teknis ya. Untuk urusan bukaan, speed, white balance, pake lensa apa, blah blah itu udah banyak yang bahas, silakan hubungi oom gugel, oke.

Nah, yang penting adalaaaaah:

Pastikan model merasa nyaman.

that’s it. build the atmosphere.
berikut adalah tips-tips yang bisa digunakan:

1. Minta model membawa benda favoritnya.
Misalnya handphone, buku notes kecil atau agenda, botol minum, pena, boneka, aksesoris, dll. Sesuatu yang ‘dia banget’. Dengan menghadirkan sesuatu yang familiar, model bisa lebih rileks dan bisa menjadi dirinya sendiri.

2. Salam. Senyum. Ajak ngobrol.
Untuk ini, saya bagi model menjadi dua kategori besar (mungkin ada tipe lainnya, but let’s focus on these ones):
– Model-Sudah-Tahu
Maksudnya, model udah tau bagian mana dari dirinya yang bagus untuk difoto, sehingga diapun dengan mudah rileks dan percaya dengan dirinya sendiri.

– Model Pemalu
Intinya adalah gimana caranya untuk bikin si model lupa kalo dia sedang dipotret sehingga ekspresi yang muncul pun lebih natural. Ekspresi itu ngga perlu dibuat-buat kok, karena sesuatu yang muncul dari hati pasti sampai ke hati pula :). Oke, jujur, buat saya pribadi ini adalah poin yang agak susah: ngajak ngobrol model. Ketika saya fokus pada komposisi, momen yang pas, settingan warna yang saya inginkan, di saat yang bersamaan harus menyimak pembicaraan pula (I’m not very good at multitasking, but I always try my best ;_;).
Tapi tenang aja, ini bisa disiasati kok, hehehe.
a) Dengan meminta si model membawa teman dekatnya sehingga mereka bisa asik ngobrol, dan kita pun bisa asik jeprat-jepret. Kalo ngga ada, mungkin bisa pilih alternatif berikutnya:
b) Punya rekan-buat-ngajak-ngobrol-model: entah itu stylist, make up artist, atau bahkan temen lain yang seneng ikut motret-motret. Tapi pastikan mereka orang yang supel ya :P

3. Pasang musik
Supaya suasana lebih menyenangkan! Jadi berasa di video klip :P

4. Tentu saja siapkan konsep dan tema cadangan

5. Have Fun. Enjoy B-)
Biarkan ide-ide fresh mengalir selama pemotretan.

10 Tips for Staying Happy!

1. Awali hari dengan senyum. Running out of reason to smile? Maka, lakukanlah apapun yang sekiranya membuat kita tersenyum! :D Misalnya, kalo kosan/rumah deket kampus cobalah berangkat jalan kaki. Di jalan, sapa bapak-bapak atau ibu-ibu yang tidak kita kenal. Minimal senyumlah. Senyum itu menular, lho :D Kalaupun nantinya kita dicuekin, percayalah masih banyak kok orang lain yang menunggu kita sapa :)

2. Lakukan sesuatu. Just do some things! :D anything! biasakan ngomong sama diri sendiri, “Sepertinya ini menarik!”

3. Akui kesalahan kalo memang kita melakukan kesalahan :) Jangan lupa minta maaf dan berjanji pada diri sendiri untuk jadi lebih baik.

4. Ikuti workshop, seminar, dll. Ikuti yang sesuai dengan minat kita, tapi jangan takut untuk mencoba hal-hal baru ya :D

5. Rajin googling, rajin youtubeing, intinya sih mempelajari sesuatu. Yang namanya belajar itu ngga harus buka buku kalkulus kok =,= Bisa aja belajar merajut, masak, atau main gitar.

8. Melakukan hobi. What? You don’t have one? Well go get one! :P

9. Bersyukur pada-Nya :) Ini gampang-gampang-susah lho. Jangan sampe kita ingat pada-Nya cuma pas lagi susah aja. Saat senangpun harusnya kita juga ingat pada-Nya, karena segala sesuatu itu terjadi atas kehendak Yang Maha Kuasa. Apapun rencana kita, rencana-Nya adalah yang terbaik.

10. Punya buku notes. and write another thousands things in your “to do list”.

I’m a note pad junkie

Let one stays in your bag

and catch your moments :)