[REVIEW] Bless Facial Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin


Seperti yang sudah saya ceritakan sebelumnya di postingan yang ini, kulit saya termasuk jenis kulit kombinasi-sensitif. Dan bisa dibilang kulit saya ini sangat moody-an. Oily, dehydrated, ada dry-patches (kulit yang mengelupas), iritasi merah-merah, gatal, pokoknya been there done that. Untuk ngatasin ini saya butuh moisturizer yang ngga bikin muka jadi kilang minyak tapi bisa cukup melembabkan dry patches saya. For the first time of my life (ini ngga lebay -beneran) saya nemu moisturizer yang klop klop klop.

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[Review] Bless Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

Kulit saya tergolong kombinasi-sensitif. Di saat-saat tertentu kulit saya berminyak banget tapi terkadang kering banget. Di lain hari bisa berminyak tapi di saat yang bersamaan ada dry-patchesnya (kulit kering yang mengelupas). Ini bikin saya serba repot untuk milih sabun cuci muka yang cocok. Kebanyakan facial wash pasti bikin kulit saya kering & iritasi. Bahkan Cetaphil pun (yang banyak dipuja-puji orang2) lama-lama bikin bikin kulit saya bersisik. Sejauh ini facial wash yang paling enak saya pake adalah SK-II Gentle Cleanser & Nu Skin 180 Face Wash. Tapi kalo beli itu terus-terusan kan harganya ngga kuat men, huhu. Alhamdulillah akhirnya saya nemu facial wash yang cocok di kulit & di kantong! :”) Makanya saya semangat bikin postingan ini hahaha. Emang sih harganya relatif lebih mahal dari merk drugstore pada umumnya, tapi ini masih jauh lebih murah dari yang biasa saya pake.

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[Review] Make Up For Ever: Face & Body Foundation

  I can say that I take my ‘research’ on finding the perfect foundation too seriously haha. I want it to be sheer coverage, the finish still look and feel like skin, have safe ingredients, feels light on my skin, has the perfect shade for my complexion, doesn’t cling to my dry patches, doesn’t excentuate my pores, doesn’t make my skin a lot more oily, and so on.

The problem with drugstore foundation is of course the limited shade selection. And most of them offers medium to high coverage which I don’t prefer. Drugstore foundation that has many shade usually cost at least IDR89.000,- but I’m just not really sure with the quality of its ingredients. Not to mention all of the qualification that I want from my foundation that I said earlier. So if I am willing to spend more than 100k for a foundation, why don’t I just try high-end foundation that has exellent review?

I was thinking about either MAC or MUFE Face & Body. But since I heard that there were many people experienced breakouts after using MAC F&B, so I go for MUFE.

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[Review] Mizzu: Eyeshadow – Smoky Charcoal, Smoky Latte, Natural Mocha

Mizzu is an Indonesian cosmetic brand that focuses on eye makeup. I’ve seen their products on plenty of online shops very often, but I always hesitated to try them because I’ve never seen any of their official offline store before. I mean, this is a new brand that I’ve never heard of, I just want to make sure their cosmetics are safe and already registered on BPOM. I won’t put unknown stuff on my face -you know it’s dangerous. But it turns out that Mizzu already has BPOM certificate! So after watching Mizzu eyeshadow review from my two favorite Indonesian youtuber Suhay Salim and Nadya Aqilla, I decided to try them!

I bought the eyeshadows at BerryBenka since I can’t find their offline store in Jakarta. These are Mizzu Gradical Eye Shadow in the shade Smoky Charcoal, Smoky Latte, Natural Mocha.

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