Social Media Detox for a Year

Being a millennial, I have been on the internet since the year 2002 (that’s like about 15 years already?). Anybody at that time would carelessly over-shared what we have in our lives to the internet (because who the h#ll understands about consequences anyway? haha). I’m talking about the time when the nitizen uses Friendster, AOL, mIRC, Geocities, Multiply, and I really mean even-before-myspace kind of era. Like, most of people might didn’t understand what an e-mail was.

With that background in mind, I thought I was ‘smart’ enough to use the so-called social media in today’s internet. However, ever since I graduated from collage apparently I “live on the internet” more often than I live my life. Bluntly speaking, that was very intoxicating. Anyways, as you ladies and gentlemen knew from my previous post, I went for a social media detox for a year in 2016. So, here are several things that I learn from this experiment.

1. I value my privacy more than I ever knew.
There are just times where I ‘enjoy’ just keeping many things for myself only. Things like for example: my thoughts, my activity, photos of my beloved family. I feel like I’m happy not sharing any of them with the world. In an internet-based society like ours, that sounds weird. I know haha. But you know, it’s like having a photograph of people that you love and put it in a frame on your bedside table. It’s so personal and I don’t feel like the entire world needs to see that haha.

Furthermore, I don’t feel like I need to know everything about everyone. Which makes me go to my next point:

2. I’m happier.
Scrolling through the social media is just like looking for something that would upsets you. In general, we would be happy for our friends and family when they had a great vacation overseas, got married, celebrating their child’s first solid food, had an amazing career, and the list goes on. You understand very well that everybody has their own path of life and nobody’s life is ‘that’ perfect. You get that in mind, you do you. But well, when you live on the internet (for too long) you just couldn’t stop comparing your self to others.

So what did I do? I stop looking. It made me realize that I have so many things to be grateful for. Both of my parents are still healthy, my knees are recovering very well, and so many more. My mind is at peace without having the thought of how other people run their life. I have a life to live, and that’s all that matters.

3. The ones that remember your birthday are the ones that truly cares for you.
This year, instead of receiving birthday wishes from 9999 people in the WhatsApp groups, I received 2 text messages, 6 hugs, and another 7 spoken birthday wishes. That’s all. I celebrated my birthday by catching up deadlines at work and by being excited about how magical “being 27” sounds like. That old-fashioned day was quiet and sweet.

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