[Review] Make Up For Ever: Face & Body Foundation

  I can say that I take my ‘research’ on finding the perfect foundation too seriously haha. I want it to be sheer coverage, the finish still look and feel like skin, have safe ingredients, feels light on my skin, has the perfect shade for my complexion, doesn’t cling to my dry patches, doesn’t excentuate my pores, doesn’t make my skin a lot more oily, and so on.

The problem with drugstore foundation is of course the limited shade selection. And most of them offers medium to high coverage which I don’t prefer. Drugstore foundation that has many shade usually cost at least IDR89.000,- but I’m just not really sure with the quality of its ingredients. Not to mention all of the qualification that I want from my foundation that I said earlier. So if I am willing to spend more than 100k for a foundation, why don’t I just try high-end foundation that has exellent review?

I was thinking about either MAC or MUFE Face & Body. But since I heard that there were many people experienced breakouts after using MAC F&B, so I go for MUFE.

Yesterday I went to the Make Up For Ever boutique in Kota Kasablanka. I have yellow undertone skin, but due to my sensitivity, it also appear somewhat pink-ish. So I asked the SA to color-match the foundation for me. The lady was really nice. She applied the shade number 20 & 32 on each half of my face. First, #20 was a bit more pink toned which (surprisingly) matched my skin. I was terrified at first because I thought it might looked too pale on me. And then #32 was a lot more yellow which matched my skin too! Both of them blended nicely into my skin, unlike every base product I had tried. For my combination to dry skin, the finish is velvety, almost powdery, but it doesn’t cling to my dry patches. It evened out my skin tone, and it was interesting after several minutes that my skin looked glowy and healthy, but not oily at all! (Not even close!) 

I got really confused there for which shade I will take. The lady was really patience waiting minutes and minutes for me to choose haha. I then decided to buy #32 Alabaster Beige.  Overall, I really really like this foundation :)

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