30 Days Writing Challenge | Day 5


I basically would love to travel to any where in any part of the world. Of course it depends on the budget, time, etc. However, if I have the opportunity to choose any place to travel without thinking about all of those classic matters, these are the place I’d love to visit.

Day 5: List 5 places you want to visit

1. Prague (Czech Republic)
or should I say “the fairy tale world”. While south-east asia has beautiful temples and breath-taking natural scenery, countries in Europe has wonderful castles (and streets) that we often see in movies. I think architectural buildings from medieval period is very interesting. Bangunan itu kan hasil dari kebudayaan manusia, hasil dari proses berfikir, berdasarkan nilai-nilai artistik dan moral yang berkembang pada jamannya. Jadi kalo kita liat-liat infrastruktur suatu kota dan bagaimana ke-khas-an bangunan disana terbentuk, sebenarnya kita sedang memperhatikan karakter manusianya. Bagaimana manusia disana hidup dan berkembang.
Untuk negara alternatif, sebenernya anyplace in Europe sih. Mungkin Scotland, Germany, England, Dutch, Italy, Spain.

2. Canada
Because of the obvious reason: I was born there, but I have no memory of the place haha. I went back to Indonesia 2 months right after I was born. I only get to listen to my parent’s story about how Toronto Jazz Festival was super awesome (or Montreal Jazz Festival? I forgot lol), how a slice of Domino’s Pizza is huge (compared to what we have here), and how the elders only wanted to speak France (back in 1990).

3. Makassar
I’m not a beach person -because I can’t stand the heat and my face gets red very easily. But for once I think it’s nice to breathe the humid ocean air, see the beautiful scenery of the open space and crystal clear sea water. Terlebih lagi ini kampung halamannya salah satu teman baik saya waktu S1, Dian.
Saya beberapa kali sudah pernah camping di daerah Jawa Barat, seperti Maribaya, Pangli, Lembang, dan Gunung Salak. Jadi saya rada penasaran gimana rasanya camping di pantai^^.
For alternative, I’m thinking about Pulau Belitung. Teman saya, Wita, baru saja menyelesaikan internship kedokterannya di Pulau Bangka (tetangganya Pulau Belitung). And I’ve heard a lot of good things about the place. And if you google Belitung Island (or search it on pinterest), please beware of the beautiful sights :).

4. Turkey
Selain karena arsitekturnya yang menawan, saya ingin wisata mengenai sejarah perkembangan Islam di Eropa. And I think Turkey is the perfect place. I’m totally eyeing on Hagia Sophia.

5. New York City
Maybe because I was obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when I was a kid lol. You know, those Ninja Turtles that live underground in the New York sewers. Or, I don’t know, I just think that New York is such an eye candy. Small studio apartments, yellow cabs, busy streets, well basically it’s the typical life we see on movies.

Saya kadang suka membayangkan traveling ke luar negeri, rame, bareng orang-orang yang suka traveling juga, but after my experience in Bali (digangguin orang tiap pulang kerja praktek), I’ve decided that I most likely won’t go on a vacation overseas too long without my mahram.

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