Thursday on December

It always happen. When I’m outside, walking along the side road of my campus, or on the back seat of ojek, all I want to write (or type) down is about the universe. About lots of mondays, never ending traffic jams, about the trees yang dibabat (hampir) habis di depan mol k*kas, tentang pembangunan jembatan layang yang ngga mengurangi macet, tentang bagaimana orang bisa hidup dengan menghabiskan 4 sampai 5 jam di jalan setiap harinya, tentang koka-kola yang sekarang rasanya lebih mirip diet coke.

And also about Justin Bieber’s new single which was written by Ed Sheeran: Love Your Self. There’s nothing personal about this song for me. But everytime I hear ANY song, I just couldn’t help but pay attention to the lyrics. You know that Ed Sheeran is one of the King of lyricist, no wonder this genius line really rings on my ear. Liriknya, “Cause if you like the way you look that much, oh baby you should go and love yourself.” It’s about selfishness. Love is a strong word. When you say you love something, but you aren’t willing to give up certain things for what you love, maybe you should go and love yourself. That’s pretty much the message. Like if you want to have a degree in collage, but you are not willing to study, you are absolutely messed up.

Then I sit down in my room, in front of my laptop, keyboard is there, I’m ready to write what I have thought on the road, but… all that pops on my mind is just my thesis. So this kinda explain this all-in-one random post today. Have a good day everyone.

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