30 Days Writing Challenge | Day 4

I once write about people who inspire me. But most of them are photographers, obviously -haha. Then how about people that inspire me in the fitness and fashion industry? Let’s find out :3

Day 4: Write about someone who inspires you

1. Zanna van Dijk
Zanna van Dijk, she is a blogger, vlogger, personal trainer, dan fitness model, based in London.
Dari semua ‘aktivis’ fitness di social media, Zanna bukan tipikal orang yang suka pamer abs kemana-mana. Well you might see some once or twice, but that’s not the point of her social media nor her life. She is 6 feet 2 inches which makes her 187 cm. Looking at her, I feel somewhat relatable because her being very tall like that, I can picture how I look like between my friends. My height may only 5 feet 7 inches (it’s about 170 cm), but average Indonesian women is around 5 feet (150 cm) which makes me a huge person. Jadi cewek yang tinggi itu antara enak & ga enak. Ga enaknya karena ga banyak clothing (dan sepatu) yang muat. Enaknya karena kaki lo panjang, jadi bisa ngejar maling :P

Anyway, the thing that inspires me about her is that she likes sports but remains looking like a beautiful lady without over-showing her female parts. Ngga jaim. She enjoys having fun and looking silly at times. And she eats everything – yep gotta love people who loves to eat :D

Quoting my favorite lines from her post on instagram:

Gaining weight is not necessarily a bad thing, definitely not in my case. It has allowed me to become the fittest, healthiest and happiest I have ever been. I have built up a substantial amount of muscle and I am so much stronger than ever before. I never dreamed that I would deadlift 100kg or do 5 pull ups. Plus, I can now eat more than I ever thought I could. I have a balanced diet with regular treats and indulgences. I don’t cut out any food groups or restrict myself in any way. Basically – I am balanced. I am comfortable in my skin, I am confident with my body and I am proud of how far it’s come and how powerful it is. Sure I might not be super lean or have abs, but that’s not how I judge my health. I judge it on how I feel, and I feel pretty damn good 😊💕

2. Tahmina Parveen (@modestchild)
In the fashion part of the world I have Tahmina Parveen. She is a medical student, loves tea, and wears skirt all the time -also based in London. I really am looking for words to describe her style, but I just don’t know where to start -,-. Let’s say sederhana, tapi ga monoton. Looking nice tapi ngga high-maintenance. Feminine but you can still run errands for the day. Her style speaks, “I’m a happy person”. Dan yang paling penting adalah jilbabnya nutup dada.
Dia adalah salah satu orang yang menginspirasi saya untuk pake rok tiap hari. After my graduation in 2013 I wore skirts most of the time. Rasanya nyaman, kaki saya jadi ngga diliatin orang. Selama itu juga saya kemana-mana dianter pake mobil sih, jadinya aman dari tiupan angin kencang, dari rok keinjek orang di kendaraan umum, angkat rok kalo becek, angkat rok kalo naik tangga jembatan penyebrangan, dll. Dan setahun terakhir I ended up pake ojek kemana-mana -which is kendaraan yang not skirt-friendly. Jadi saya balik lagi ber-jeans & sneakers tiap hari. Kecuali jika bawaan lagi ga banyak dan bisa jalan santai.

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