30 Days Writing Challenge | Day 3


Today’s challenge is writing about pet peeves. When I first read this theme, I immediately thought that I should write about pets, you know like cats, rabbits, fish, birds, colorful baby chickens, or cactus.. perhaps? Because I had had those back in the 90’s. Yeah I was in elementary school, it was so fun and all that… But, uh hold on…. actually they were my brother’s. Lol. Not mine. I had never kept one.

Back to the main topic: Pet peeves. So I googled here and there. It turns out that wikipedia can explain something for me:

A pet peeve or pet hate is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to himself, to a greater degree than others may find.

Meaning that ‘for other people’ that particular something is in fact considerably annoying, but ‘for you’ that particular something is super annoying. Let me give you a few illustrations:

example #1: traffic jams
-this might not a pet peeve because everyone freakin’ hates it.

example #2: grammar mistakes in writings
-for some people it’s an ‘okay I don’t even notice’ but for other people that is just like an itch they need to scratch. This might be a pet peeve for one of you dear readers.

Ready to read mine? Here you go!

Day 3: What are your top three pet peeves

1. When the cashiers recklessly chat to one another and does not care if the queue line is getting VERY long because their conversation slows them down from doing their job.
I don’t mind queuing, I really don’t mind. In fact I appreciate those who queue and patiently wait for their turn. But that does not make me tolerate people who are slacking off from their job. I mean, people in the queue line care enough to make the situation less chaotic, but if they take these people patience’s for granted, shame on them. If I ever encounter situation like that, I most likely would cancel my purchasing and walk away from the store without a second glance. I avoid confrontations because I don’t think that’s necessary. They do not deserve my energy.

2. Malls at weekends
Yep, surprise! It’s just because they are too crowded and so not-relaxing at all. I would voluntarily go there only for the movie theater, gym, and occasional things. Not for “let’s go to the mall every weekend” type of hang-outs. The malls I believe are just the same as the malls in every other big neighboring cities -Singapore, HK, Malaysia. So actually I’m more curious about other fun yet educational entertainments (read: museum) here in Jakarta. I’m really inspired by Singapore that take serious action in promoting their diverse culture into the tourism department. They present it in a modern way and make things a lot more attractive. To be honest I think that is really cool and admirable. Talking about infrastructure and how we manage to present our culture and history, I think our presentation of culture-tourism here today isn’t as modern and (technically) isn’t as breath taking as other country already did. But at least I want to have the experience of enjoying our own history and culture :)

3. Spoilers of my favorite TV Series, Books, Movie, etc.
If anyone offers me a spoiler of my favorite TV show (let’s say Game of Thrones) I would say, “DON’T YOU DARE OR I’LL HATE YOU FOREVERRR….” What’s the point of watching or reading something if you already know how the story goes? I want to know what happen to a certain character when I watch or read it my self, not when I accidentally heard it from someone’s careless banter. I really want to be emotionally connected with whatever I’m enjoying, and spoilers will totally ruin that moment.
But dang, it happen on GoT season 5 though. I accidentally read a group chat that discussing the 10th episode of season 5. At that moment I had not even watch the whole 5th season because I was waiting for all episode to be aired -so after that I can watch 10 episodes back-to-back at once :P.
So yeah, I don’t really enjoy watching this season as much. Note to self: next time I need to isolate my self from the world.

image source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/305681893430756576/

4 thoughts on “30 Days Writing Challenge | Day 3

  1. Apriany says:

    1. yeah bangettt.
    2. iya juga. tapi di sini cuma itu yang bisa jadi hiburan hehe.
    3. bedaa. aku malah pengen tau akhirnya dulu. karena bagiku akhir itu penting. tapi proses dimana mencapai akhir itu lebih penting, jadi biasanya sebelum beli buku/nonton, biasanya cari spoiler dulu. udah gitu baru menikmati perjalanannya hehe. biasanya temen/yang tau malah ga mau kasih spoiler :( lol. aneh ya. hehe
    mungkin ke depannya hal ini bisa berubah tapi sejauh ini sih begitu hehe.

    • nuririn says:

      3. noooooo #kyaaa XD
      Aku kalo nonton biasanya cari review di rotten tomato (website ini suka sadis ngasih ratingnya). Jadi kalo rating bagus, biasanya endingnya oke. Nah buatku kalo kya gini si bukan spoiler-spoiler amat, tapi tetep aku ga mau tau detail endingnya sebelom nonton ihihi.
      Thanks for visiting Apri :* :* :*

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