Kidney Stone Story

Still in holiday atmosphere, yes? How about some laid back chat with some coffee and pajamas? Okay maybe not that laid back because I’m going to share a story that I might have had a cringe attack if only I’m not the one who had the experience with it hahaha. This blog post is going to be about how I dealt with kidney stones. If you follow me on instagram you probably already know what had happened.

So, just about three weeks ago, life had been sort of tough for me. Long story short, I was 24 when I was first diagnosed with kidney stones (I’m now 25 so that hasn’t been too long actually). Don’t ask me how I did know there are stones in my kidney because it was sooo terrifying. But I’ll tell you anyway because this is the purpose of my writing haha. So here it goes.

(Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding your medical condition.)

It was September 2014, I woke up one night, I couldn’t sleep, I thought I needed to go to the bathroom, but my stomach hurt really bad that I can’t even move an inch, nothing. Like there was a micro sharp knife inside of me. My mind was just… blank, and black. That night really was one of the horrifying moment I had been experience with. Probably worse than appendicitis that I had 5 years ago. One thing that I thought about was if only I could choose whether to lose my consciousness, I would totally choose that because it was that painful. Luckily, I had my assistant sleeping over in my room and she called my mom. Not long after that, alhamdulillah my mom came to the rescue. The next day, we got my kidney checked and the result said there were several tiny stones and two bigger ones inside. It verified that the previous night I had the so called Colic Kidney Stone

Kidney Stone (with Colic)
“The sharp cramping pain and nausea/vomiting that you have is due to a small stone which has formed in the kidney and is now passing down a narrow tube (ureter) on its way to your bladder. Once it reaches your bladder, the pain will stop. The stone may pass in your urine stream in one piece. [The size may be 1/16″ to 1/4″ (1-6mm)]. Or, the stone may also break up into sandy fragments which you may not even notice.”
source: University of Minnesota Medical Center

The thought of ‘I’m literally having STONES inside my body‘ was such an unbelievable thing and it was kinda hard for me to accept. I have been always drinking 2-3 litre of water per day ever since I was a teenager. I drink LOADS of water. WHY on earth I need to suffer from this? Apparently, it’s genetics, my grandfather from mom and my aunt from dad had it. And I just happened to be the next one that going to deal with it for the rest of my life. It was hard at first, but well, God never gives something that we cannot manage right? :)

“Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear.”

So, it’s okay. YOLO, you only live once, so embrace everything you have, it’s not like I’m dying right? I breathe perfectly fine, I can talk, I can walk, I can hear, and like my mom said: there are lots of things to be grateful for. So, it’s alright.

Back to the story. I had herb medicine to treat the kidney stones and I drank plenty of water. Maybe about 3 to 4 litre per day. For 9 months, I was fine or I thought it was fine. I remember I had twice colic moments in that period of time but not as severe as the first. Just a tinge. I actually had not checked my kidney stones ever since my first examination -which was 9 months ago. So I wasn’t sure but I told my self that I was fine anyway. In that state I tried to fast during Ramadhan. I handled a good 6 days. But I couldn’t make it to the 7th.

Again, my stomach was in pain, just a bit different than the colic but I’m not really sure. I couldn’t sleep or eat or even move from my bed for 5 days. I also stumbled across articles on the internet about kidney failure -which made me a lot more upset and worried. So three weeks ago, on a bright Ramadhan friday, we went to Sumber Waras hospital and got my kidney checked. It turned out that my kidney function was normal and no kidney stone in the ureter. What a relief! :D So, it was suspected that the one causing the discomfort was the small stones inside (both of) my kidney. I can’t exactly explain in which part of the kidney because I honestly don’t understand that much. But you get the idea right?

Later that day, I had the kidney stones treated at Klinik Baruna Cikini. I had ESWL treatment which is a medical procedure for shattering kidney stone with shock waves from outside the body. So, no needles, no surgery or whatsoever. Just had the anesthetic and lay on the machine for 15 to 30 mins. At first it felt like having acupuncture needles and bits of tiny electric feeling combined and darted into my kidney. To be honest it felt kinda good, not bad all, and I got used to it pretty fast that I somehow forgot that I was on medical procedure hahaha. But as the intensity increased, it started to hurt, with a capital H. Hella HURT. I can totally felt that tiny something inside of me vibrating up and down crazily. At some part it felt like I got stabbed with a pointy dagger. And that feeling was crazy. Beforehand I was told that the pain varies from one person to another due to the sensitivity each person has. So I wasn’t surprised that it felt like what I had felt. I did notice that it was still ‘bearable’ compared to kidney stone colic. Just a reminder that what I felt would not necessarily be the same if other people had it. This is what the machine looked like:

I can go right away home after the treatment. #yeayness
However, the urologist said that I would have blood on my urine for several days and that’s normal. And yeah it stopped completely looking bloody red after 4 days. No more kidney stones, but I still have to avoid certain food that can cause them to grow back.

Then again, thank Allah swt I had my mom with me :”) Big love to my mom for always being there for me all from the start ♡


One of my friend commented on instagram, “one hella experience about the pleasure of being healthy eh?”
Ah, yes definitely. It reminded me that we should make the most of our healthy times by being productive. We wouldn’t know when the rain will come. Also, no matter how young we are, living a healthy lifestyle is always the best option. Don’t take our body for granted, it deserves a good care from its owner.

2 thoughts on “Kidney Stone Story

  1. Theresa Helen Channell says:

    FYI…my doctor checked parathyroid glands and found one not functioning properly, future surgery will correct functionality and I was informed that “no more kidney stones will form” once the surgery is completed. Yeahness!!!

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