The-so-called Workout Routine

Gara-gara seorang oknum (yes I’m looking at you mba Irni hahaha), postingan yang saya tulis berbulan-bulan lalu mengenai FF vs CF dibaca oleh pihak FF LA. I was super shocked when one of the PT came up to me and said thank you for the article (helloo mba Maria :3). Dan dari mba Lidya dan Rahel, saya jadi tau kalo postingan itu dibaca oleh seluruh PT di FF LA. #haha #really #wtf #omg #why. T,T I never expect they would find such a thing hahaha. Thank you so much for reading, and if some of you decided to hang out in this blog for more, let me say thank you once again for your kind interest :) Really appreciate that!

Speaking of workout goals, I actually don’t have anything major to visually change my appearance like losing weight or body building since I’m already happy with my body. But working out does make a change whether I want it or not. I lost weight from 65kg to 56kg. My denim size went from 36 to 30 or 29. Of course my 170cm height does not change, so every long-time-no-see friends or relatives often got surprised and gave me the “you-got-so-skinny!!” word. Well I guess I did.

I do really want to work on my endurance and to simply staying active thou. You guys do know I used to be a not very fit person. Like for example, when I first tried the treadmill, my heart rate went 160-ish only after 30 sec at speed 5mph. And I used to hate every sport activity (beside basketball). After my personal training session with mba Maria several months ago, I truly found that exercise is a very fun activity. It literally became a hobby for me. Later on, being able to do push-ups (which I thought I will never be able to do) was just super exhilarating. Whenever I got to try new things, there’s this monologue inside myhead that goes, “oh look, I can do this, wow, very interesting, I should do it again.” So basicly, I looked like a kid who just got a new toy haha.

Unfortunately every “too much” is never been good for anything. I got too obsessed with this hobby, hence I overused both of my knees ^^;; It’s already 4 months since I stopped going to the gym due to recovering from the injury. And now I’m officially craving for Endorphins, you know that chemicals that released while exercising :P Since I’m not yet allowed to exercise like I used to, let me take a look back what’s my workout routine were.

I joined LesMills BodyPump (BP) every once a week. It’s a barbell class with light weight and high repetition. Wait. Before you give me that weird look, let me tell you that weight training in general WON’T make women bulk up with muscles -unless you take steroids. Period. Take me as an example, I do weight lift, and it just toned up my body, and people say I’m skinny as f#ck (apart from me being naturally have an Ectomorph body). It gave my body definitions but in nooooo way near from being muscular like a body builder. My favorite BP instructor is in fact a female! :D I really enjoy Steffi’s BP class at FF Kemang Village, she’s very inspiring. But overall, every instructor I’ve tried were great. I love the music too, gets me so pumped up. I remember when I first tried the class (I was only using 1 kg for each side throughout the entire session) I just cannot move for the next 3 days! lol. But then again, you can’t build endurance only over a night. Takes time, and maybe longer for me. You will know that BP works when you have the moment where you should carry bags full of grocery for more than 30 minutes :P. Not to mention carrying a laptop on your shoulders/back for hours in the commuter line or in any kinds of public transportation.

Aside from BP, for at least once a week I regularly join LesMills BodyJam class for fun (and for cardio since I don’t like running :P). Basicly this is a dance class where you can burn (500-ish) calories while dancing to loud electronic dance music (EDM) banging your ears. In other words, it’s like clubbing, but in a fitness center, and you get TOTALLY sweaty. There’s this my favorite instructor, Rudy, in FF LA every Friday morning 6:35 am. How he instruct the class really got people burned up! He simply set the class on fire -in a fun way haha. So, sure, if you love BodyJam, don’t ever miss his class. BodyJam is definitely the place where I grew my affair with EDM. I can mention numbers of DJs that I knew their names from BodyJam and you will found this pretty weird if you know me for years haha. There’s just a lot to talk about that I can make a single blog post about it.
Anyway, I think that BodyJam is a lot easier than Hip-hop class which I once tried at FF Oakwood. But don’t get me wrong, the Hip-hop class was also fun especially if you’re really into hip-hop dancing and stuffs. It’s just that I prefer BodyJam because I get to listen more music. My personal favorites are BodyJam 69, 71, and 75.

BodyCombat is also one of my favorite LesMills class. It’s like BodyJam, but instead of dancing we throw jab cross and kicks as the music goes on. It’s a martial-arts-inspired workout. So we will have lots of punches and kicks. I always feel like a badass everytime I go for BodyCombat haha. It’s definitely a great workout for our back, shoulders, and core (because I always experience that soreness in the next day :”D). And it’s absolutely an arm killer, well shadow boxing for about 45 mins, yes?

Among all the machines and other equipment in the gym, my ultimate favorite is TRX. I like it because it’s so versatile and I can go wildly creative with it. We can have a full body workout with this suspension trainer. From the basics like plank, side plank, suspended crunch, oblique crunch, pike, mountain climbers, standing oblique twist, power pull, rowing, bicep curl, triceps extension, and this long list will continue without any pause so let me stop right over here haha. But really, if one day I should discontinue my current gym membership, I will definitely buy this gem.

Image from: fitgirlsdiary

2 thoughts on “The-so-called Workout Routine

  1. tamiprasetyo says:

    The pain is so addictive actually haha. Somehow I miss my gym session but never had a chance to go back since I dont have actual time to do it *hiks. And now I gained 7 kgs since I stop work-out! So crazy enough to made me get out of the bed every morning and start running haha.

  2. Apriany says:

    aku juga pengen fitness banget. tapi tempat fitness di sini jauh banget dari kantor dan domisili tinggal huhuhuhuhuhuhu
    seneng banget rasanya waktu work out itu hehe

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