10th Anniversary: Last Imperfection (2005-2015)


It’s my blog’s 10th anniversary! :D so I have a little announcement, stay tuned.
First of all, same old short boring story: I’ve been blogging (on and off) since 2005, I still have my 2005 files archived but I’ve lost track all of my post in around year 2006 to 2008 because back then I was blogging in livejournal, multiply, and blogspot. It’s a huge deal since I used to blog every single day so imagine how many post I had lost. haha.

However, this celebration is not entirely about ‘the blog’. It’s never been my career and I don’t even consider it as one. It’s about the spirit of writing and sharing that has been going for 10 years. Let’s cheer for that!
So, to celebrate my blog’s 10th anniversary I have done quite a little something. Now you can access my blog through a new gate! just type http://www.lastimperfection.com on your url bar and then you’ll be here! :D how cool is that??

Anyways, I’m not moving any of my stuff in wordpress to a new hosting web. So you can still go through saumananda.wordpress.com, it will link to the same page, same statistic.
Let me know if you want a tutorial for this simple domain mapping/forwarding :)

Oh! and Ramadhan mubarak! :D I know it has been the 18th day already, but happy fasting for those who fast. For those who are having difficulties in fasting, I hope you can still enjoy Ramadhan for the blessing this month brings :)

Image found on: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/437975132489211188/

2 thoughts on “10th Anniversary: Last Imperfection (2005-2015)

  1. tamiprasetyo says:

    Baru baca! Wow!! 10 years! Thats pretty amazing. I lost track how many years I’ve been blogging. Since I was started on blogspot then there were years I didn’t write anything haha.
    Keep writing, nurin. You are one of my favorite person in this blog-world :)

    • nuririn says:

      omg thank you Tami that’s very lovely of youuuu TT,TT #terharu #huhu

      And of course you too! :D Keep writing those mouth watering food slash culinary experience slash all the goodies in the world ya Tamii :3

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