Bobbi Brown: Natural Beauty

ModelKarma Bobbi Brown

If I can fall in love with one particular makeup brand, I would definitely fall for Bobbi Brown. I believe she has awesome makeup products that works wonders however, the thing that I appreciate about her (the most) is the idea of how she define beauty: it’s about being yourself and looking like yourself. Being a natural beauty, and that spells: Bobbi Brown. Do you know that moment when a makeup artist beautifies your face and your friends were like, “Wow you’re so pretty I don’t even recognize you!” Of course they say it as a compliment. But they just didn’t realize that for some people (like me) it can also be heard as,”You look like somebody else who is prettier. Well obviously because you don’t look like yourself.” Oops. I know they didn’t mean it that way, but that’s just kinda how I felt about it. So sometimes, I honestly don’t know how to respond to that ‘compliment’ haha. It actually happened on my graduation day. At that time I can simply put a ,”thank you so much”, but later on I decided to learn how to do my own makeup anyway. Especially for those occasion where women are encouraged to put on some color on their face (at a friend’s wedding, cousin’s wedding, etc). Yeah if you’re about my age, and you live in Indonesian culture where a wedding usually invites hundreds of friends and relatives (I’m talking about 800-ish invitation) and your parents wants you be dressed up and be pretty and everything, you’ll understand what I mean :P

Okay back to Bobbi Brown. I found most of beauty youtuber that religiously use Bobbi Brown are women in their late 30s to 50s. Maybe because most women in this category are more likely to embrace their natural beauty rather than having fun with colorful makeups which teens and younger adults usually do. Idk, what do you guys think?^^. BUT, looking at BB’s price tag, it is totally make sense that not everybody afford such high-end makeup products, especially younger people. Although isn’t as pricey as Tom Ford or Charlotte Tilbury, BB is still one of the brands that cost a lot of money.

Favorite Bobbi Brown Lip Products

Now let’s talk about the products. Everyone loves the Gel Eyeliner and Shimmer Brick, Wayne Goss loves the Foundation Stick, Lisa Eldrige loves the Pot Rouge, Essiebutton loves the blush, bb cream, lipsticks, concealer, and probably pretty much everything haha. For me, since I’m all about the bass lipstick, the first thing that I tried from BB are the lip products :D

Lip Color
At first I thought the name Lip Color is a bit boring. You know, other brands make names like ‘rouge…’ or ‘ultimate color…’ and even ‘lip elixir…’. But after I get to know more about the brand, I immediately think that it was named Lip Color for a reason. Bobbi Brown really make lipstick that looks and feels like a human lip color. They also provide wide selection of shades. It’s brilliant. For this particular line, I feel that the formula is satin-matte finish, not moisturizing but really friendly towards my lips. I do think that the packaging is really old-fashioned though, unlike the modern luxurious YSL or Lancome lipsticks. One thing that puts me down is only the shades that available here in Jakarta. Not only for the Lip Color line. All of the lipstick shades that I wanted to try were out of stock when I visited their counter at Sogo Plaza Indonesia. Are you kidding me. Brown, Brownie, Brownie Pink, Tawny Pink, Heather Pink, Powder Pink, Blushed Rose, and a few more other shades that I can’t remember the name, all sold out. I was really sad about this haha. I got myself the color Sandwash Pink though. It’s a pretty medium pink and later I found out that this is the lipstick that Kate Middleton use on her wedding day!
Apart from that, what’s my personal thought about this Sandwash Pink? After using it for a few days, I came with a conclusion that I didn’t feel satisfied with my choice of color. It’s in fact a perfect match for the inner part of my lips. But considering that my outer part is darker, it looks a bit blue if I don’t add and blend a slightly darker lip liner to outline my lips. Probably the blue tone in Sandwash Pink is still a bit too strong for my skin color (I have a yellow asian undertone).

Rich Lip Color
I finally got my hands on Bobbi Brown Heather Pink by purchasing it online. Let me say this out loud: this shade is perfection. Well at least for me. I’ve been using this for the whole two weeks and it hasn’t leave my makeup pouch either. I carry it anywhere like everywhere. I adore the formula, it’s moisturizing but not that creamy. It doesn’t chapped my lips, it stays 5 to 6 hours and fades gracefully over time. Heather pink is described as a red pink. It gives an instant color to my face. Of course you might want to try every other color to know which one suits you best :) I’m just so happy that this time my ‘blind-shopping’ did not disappoint me.

Sheer Lip Color
I have the color Nude Beige which described as shimmer pearl pink nude. It has very fine shimmer which I don’t usually gravitate to. But this is just really nice to play with. It’s creamy, it’s nude, and it’s super moisturizing.

Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks
Bobbi Brown store at Sogo Plaza Senayan only had the shade Pale Pink and Fresh Melon when I went there about a month ago. Too bad I don’t think those shades really suits me. So two days ago, I went to Metro Pacific Place and found Blushed Rose! It’s one of the shades I’ve been eyeing on. If they also have Powder Pink and Rose, I would probably spend hours to calm and tell myself, “JUST CHOOSE ONE. DO NOT BUY THREE.” hahaha. I really like the packaging. It’s sleek, has decent mirror, and it’s practical. My favorite is that I don’t look like applying lipstick while holding this tiny thing. I mean, this can be handy if I need a bit touch up in public where there’s no restroom anywhere near.

Okay this is not a lip product. But I’m gonna review it anyway. This is a corrector to hide dark/blue/purple discoloration under our eye and we can add a layer of concealer beneath the corrector. I don’t have heavy dark undereye circles, just a tiny bit but sometimes my favorite Benefit Fake Up looks too sheer. So I gave it a go and I just tried this on today. I first applied the moisture ring from Fake Up, then add a light layer of Bobbi Brown Corrector, building up two light layers, then finally one swipe of Fake Up (I usually need 3 swipe without the Corrector). Blend. Apparently it made the concealer much more flawless. I was really surprised. It’s basicly a perfect base for concealer. It didn’t settle on my fine lines, it blended really nice, and I had a good 9 hour-wear. I love this product but considering the price tag, I won’t be repurchasing. Rp380.000,- for 1.4 grams, really Bobbi? :”) Well then again, it claims to be waterproof, sweat and humidity-resistant, has long-wearing formula, and infused with skin conditioners to protect the delicate undereye area. I can’t blame anyone, can I?

And that’s all about the Bobbi Brown products I own -which almost all of them are lipsticks lol. I’ve read a few blogs mentioned that BB lipsticks are ‘dupe-able’ which means you can find similar color in drugstore brands. I agree. But formula-wise, there’s no such thing as dupe (I have a very high standard for this). I would probably grow more collection of BB lipsticks. That’s just how I adore the formula, no kidding. How about you? Have you ever tried this makeup brand? :D

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I share this based on my personal experience and personal preference only.
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3 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown: Natural Beauty

  1. Lucie says:

    I feel so frustrated when the thing I want to buy is out of stock. And it seems to happen a lot unfortunately. Do you prefer the Lip Colors or the Pot Rouge? I’ve never tried them out so I take note for next time hehe

    • nuririn says:

      both! no just kidding :P
      aaaah now that you mentioned it. For longevity, the lipstick wears a lot longer. It has wide selection of MLBB colors, so I don’t think I will get enough of having (just) one haha.
      I love the idea of Pot Rouge, it has a cute small mirror, the texture is very creamy (I really need to avoid this from the heat!), but I only use it for touch ups so I think it gears towards “nice to have” or “nice to play with”.
      Then again, if I have to choose one I’ll go for the lipsticks.
      I hope the local Sephora will carry Bobbi Brown because up until now BB is only available at Plaza Senayan and Pacific Place :/

  2. Nuriowandari says:

    See.. Now I know why I got this particular vibe when I first found your blog. Turns out we share similar sentiment about make up, especially on the part where you brought up about wedding! :P

    Alasanku belajar dandan cukup ambisius: bisa dandan sendiri untuk nikahan. Banyak sekali komentar dan tantangannya, mulai dari “warnanya kurang nyala,” “itu produknya mantulin cahaya,” “nggak pakai bulu mata palsu?”.. dan lain sebagainya. Baru mau belajar dandan aja kayak udah “dijelentrekke” banyak banget.

    Aku mungkin perempuan aneh, tapi dari dulu aku nggak suka dengan pujian “kamu cantik”. Mungkin perempuan lain suka, dan nope, maksudku bukannya “gue keren karena gue beda,” sih.. Tapi kayanya aku lebih seneng kalau dipuji pinterlah, cerdaslah, kreatiflah. Aku merasa aku dinilai dari kemampuanku jadi aku merasa bangga. Dan karena itu aku agak menjauh dari hal-hal yang berbau feminin seperti make up, karena respon orang kebanyakan selalu, “Wah kamu cantik!”

    Seperti yang kamu bilang, mereka memaksudkan itu sebagai pujian. Tapi aku merasa itu dangkal dan seolah bilang, “Kalau mukamu yang asli mah ‘lebih jelek”.” Aduh, gimana ya? Manusia itu lahir nggak sempurna. Ada yang punya codetlah, tahi lalat gedelah, apa bintik di sinilah. Kalau kita cuma melihat dari kacamata cantik aja, rasanya rentan banget perempuan jadi insecure sama diri mereka. I, for one, never quite understand why my female girls don’t like being asked about weight, height, or age. Of course I don’t pry on them and just respect their privacy, but it makes me feel sad that women have to feel inadequate of their body and appearance.

    And then, there was that time when I was fighting bravely against make up… lol

    But in the end, I fell in love with it, because I approached in rather different way. Pertama, aku penasaran kenapa perempuan dituntun berdandan lalu diajukan alasan supaya fotonya bagus. Lah laki-laki gak didandan tapi fotonya tetap “bagus” kan? Dan semakin terjerumus aku ke jurang ini, aku jadi paham fungsi setiap produk make up, bukan hanya dari segi estetika tapi juga teknisnya, kayak pengaruhnya ke cahaya, ke warna, lalu ke hasil foto.

    Kemudian tanpa sengaja aku nyasar ke blognya face painter, dan aduh gilak! Karyanya cakep cakep ya! Dan aku juga sempet nyasar ke riasan efek khusus, waduuuhh.. Itu makin gila lagi. Dari situ aku mulai berpikir bahwa make up itu cuma bermain dengan warna dan tekstur. Make up itu cuma melukis.

    So.. I finally can embrace make up, because I don’t think it makes me any less “tomboy”, and I simply get a chance to play around with colors on my face and express myself! Doesn’t it sound fun? Untuk urusan praktis yang memang dipakai pergi sih aku juga masih lebih suka filosofi segar dan sehat aja. Tapi aku sekarang juga tertarik belajar rias dramatis ya untuk memperdalam teknik aja. Karena yang cabang face-painting itu kan sebetulnya teknik yang dramatis dan perlu banyak latihan.

    Tapi satu hal yang menarik buatku, banyak orang bilang make up itu menambah rasa percaya diri. Kalau buatku, entah kenapa, aku justru baru nyaman mengenakan make up setelah aku percaya diri. Kadang masih ada sih yang ngeledekin gegara aku tomboy (“akhirnya pengen cantik juga kan terus pakai make up).”

    Well, you know nothing, Jon Snow :D

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