Coffee Shops + Studying = Does It Really Works?

When I was working on my final project back in collage, I used to go to the campus library or computer lab to work on the things that needed to be done. I brought my stuffs like laptop, notes, pens, markers, chargers. And when I felt like I need some refreshments, I went to Reading Lights, spoiled my mind with some hot chocolate mint and a cozy couch.

Me, now, living as a grad school student is somewhat feels a bit tricky. I embrace the library facility that my uni provide. That building is literally eff-in amazing, so big and comfortable. I just can’t handle the commuter line, especially in peak hours. Those people are driving me crazy. Nuff said about my uni library. So, where to head to get some collage task done? Find another public library? Or just stay at home?

Anyway, let’s be honest. While studying or doing some homeworks, I like some cute coffee, or tea, or ice blends to keep me awake. Unfortunately we’re not allowed to drink or eat anything in the library, am I right?
I also occasionally hum and sing along the music I listened to (very quietly :P). Add some casual non-violent headbangs as the beat goes on. Yep, can’t do that in the library.
How about at home? Well if you’re like me, the person who are easily distracted by le comfort bed room, and you always feel that your bed is calling you from the corner of your eyes, you may want to get out of there or else you’ll end up faffing around and can’t finish anything.

Coffee shops are probably one of the nicer alternatives (IF you know where to go). Foods and beverages provided, wifi and power socket for your gadgets, and everyone minds their own business. I mostly enjoy frappes and any hot coffee that involved latte. Definitely no black coffee for me but I do like my tea to be black. So now I think you kinda get that I’m no coffee critics okay. I’m just here for some fun drinks and looking for cozy place to do my homeworks. So let’s take a mini walkthrough for what I’ve been observing.

If you really want to study, you may want to avoid this place because I found that most of Starbucks branches are always crowded and loud. I think lots of people who goes there are usually social-coffee-drinkers. They buy a drink (not necessarily has to be coffee) and have nice chats with friends, relatives, or co-workers. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing. I mean, I my self enjoy going there for some cute reunion with a long time friend and we can talk for nearly 6 hours non-stop only with two cups of venti. I don’t think they have the best coffee in the world however, I always get excited to try their new frappuccinos. Speaking of ambience, Starbucks has some kind of cheerful atmosphere (and of course sophistication) to be in. But well, people talk and laugh really loud, move really fast, and they don’t look like they care if they disturbed everyone else in the room. It may be a decent hang-out or meet-up point, but certainly not my favorite place to study.

Bengawan Solo Coffee
With their choices of coffee tables, nice interior designs, slightly more affordable beverage price, I believe that Bengawan Solo Coffee should’ve been as packed as Starbucks. But they’re not. I’m not sure why but it’s definitely because of Starbucks’ world-wide reputation lol. It’s a wonderful second-best option if you just cannot stand Starbucks’ loud costumers. The only thing that bothers me is that their tables are too small. I usually bring my laptop, loads of papers, books, and everything I need when I study or work on my collage assignments. Small round tables aren’t my best friend.

Tous les Jours
Tous les Jours proclaim themselves as an authentic bakery -which explains a lot that they focus on breads, cakes, and pastries. But they also provide beverages, and… I’m a fan of their Oreo Frappe and Hot Cafe Mocha. Such a classic bits, but I really enjoy it. I see that most of people (ibu-ibu and young executives and also lots of koreans!) go there to shop for breads and take them home. I do see some people take a sit, but only for about 30 minutes max, quiet and peaceful, nothing like Starbucks. I usually go to Tous les Jours Kota Kasablanka and Senayan City, and let me say that these place are my favorite place to stay and get my homework done. The tables are decent in size, musics aren’t too loud, well-behaved costumers, not crowded at all but not very quiet either. For once in awhile it’s interesting enough to see the bakers baking things in the kitchen. Fresh baked breads and pastries.. aah have I mention that this place smells sooo good? :”)

Angel-in-us Coffee
Like Tous les Jours, Angel-in-us Coffee is also a franchise from South Korea. But this one takes a step deeper into the coffee shop business. They provide wide selection of beverages, and enough light meals and deserts, no signature breads or whatsoever. This is where I found the most delightful Cookies & Cream blend. I don’t usually enjoy whipped cream, but this one taste like vanilla milk. Yummy! I usually go to the Lotte Shopping Avenue branch. As for the ambience, I think this is the most quiet place among all the places I have mentioned before. Good privacy on the red couches since they’re pretty large and ‘blocky’. Unfortunately the tables are a bit too low for me, but they’re still okay. Then again, if I really need to be alone, this is just the perfect spot.

3 thoughts on “Coffee Shops + Studying = Does It Really Works?

  1. tamiprasetyo says:

    You should try Giyanti in Jalan Surabaya, hopefully it will not as crowded as when I came (I came at public holiday). It’s a lovely coffee shop, not spacey but offers you delicious coffee. The staffs are kind and they have delicious choco cheese brownies. :D

    • nuririn says:

      aaaah can’t wait to try Giyanti! :D (and also Filosofi Kopi!) I’ve been eyeing them on instagram for months but never had the chance to go there. Your post about those coffee shops were very interesting by the way ;)

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