13 Overthought Thoughts

1. Ternyata ada beneran profesi “Treehouse Builder”, dan dia punya TV show sendiri di Disc0very Ch4nnel. Wow. Kyanya di US semua profesi bisa punya TV show sendiri.

2. Agak kangen nganalisis El-nin0 dan La-nin4 :(

3. Select. Crop. No filter. Caption. Amazing. Should I post this on instagram? ……no

5. I will definitely write about it on my blog… once I finish my homeworks.

6. Should I post this on Path? Does everyone needs to know? …..no

7. I don’t have any formal shoes.

8. I’m being spoiled.

9. Great. Another guest is in the house. And I won’t go out of my room whoever knocks.

10. Look I’m 25. And jobless as sh**…. Wait, I’ll be getting master degree next year. Can’t complain.

11. Cute.

12. Things I thought about always ended up not being written. What a waste of emotional insight. *sigh

13. I love my angkatan ME08 so much. Girls and guys, I just feel like we’re 34 siblings from different parents. Like seriously. Yang para cewek humble dan ga banyak drama. Yang para cowok hampir ga pernah ngelempar p*rn jokes di forum. To me, those small things are big. Walaupun sekarang kita punya prioritas masing-masing, I really wish the best for us. I’m sorry it takes time to finish our Buku Tahunan yang isinya foto-foto kita semua, dan sampai sekarang belum selesai. Tapi jujur aja gw sengaja mengulur waktu agar euforia kebersamaan kita meletup lagi di waktu yang signifikan :)

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