My Go-To Lipsticks

Favorite Sheer Lipsticks

I am a perpetual water drinker and I snack every two hours in a day (if I can’t find any food, I mostly drink water). Fruits (bananas-oranges-watermelons-apples-pears-papaya-anything you name it), tea, oreo, coffee, breads, ……. oh it’s gonna be a long list here and I’m gonna stop haha. This habit doesn’t go well with full opaque lippies, so I tend to prefer sheer MLBB lipstick/balm/stain hybrids. Having lip stain on is perfect, but even when the lipstick wore out and doesn’t leave any stain, I wouldn’t have that obvious ‘after eating’ lips. Most people care much about how many lipstick-color they do have, while I’m more of a lipstick-formula adventurer.

Lipstick formula is (almost) everything. I have dry lips and lip balms cannot fix it (and exfoliating always bleed my lips T_T), so I just go for creamy formula or moisturizing lipsticks. I’ve tried quite a few drugstore and high-end lipsticks, and the winner goes to Catrice and YSL Rouge Volupte. Whenever in doubt, I always use Catrice. It never makes my lips chapped -never ever in a million years. Even in a very bad-lips day, it gives color, but doesn’t wreck my lips. I just wished that this one has long staying power because once I take a meal, it’ll vanished without a trace. And YSL, omg who hasn’t know about this fab creamy lipstick? Formula, checked. Sheer (but buildable), checked. Color, *sigh*, just lovely (although it doesn’t stain).

Yes, of course I also care about colors, but I care only one specific color within its shade range, which is in my case: MLBB (my lips but better). Finding MLBB lipstick is not as easy as most people think. Every person has different MLBB lipstick shade. It’s quite tricky if you really dig into it. At least, for me, lots of ‘pink’ shade can appear very red on my lips, and a few ‘beige’ can appear pink. So, never underestimate girls who always in a journey of finding the perfect MLBB lipsticks (although we girls know there’s no such thing as a perfect MLBB lipstick lol).

Lancome Rouge in Love is probably the most moisturizing among all the lipstick I own. It’s my favorite formula actually. But I don’t wear it very often just because I prefer my YSL in #3 Ultimate Beige that’s all, haha.
Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited and Revlon Balm Stain are my latest discovery. They give long lasting stain, especially Revlon. I don’t know about other color in Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited, but BG 965 does give a nice stain on my lips.

So how about you? Are you obsessed with MLBB lipsticks like I do? What’s your MLBB shade? ;)

2 thoughts on “My Go-To Lipsticks

  1. Lucie says:

    Hello! I have yet to try Catrice lipsticks, I heard so many good things about them! YSL lipsticks are on my wishlist as well, the packaging is gorgeous and I’m sure the quality is great. I used to have a “berry shades” phase but I am now looking for more natural looks. Still haven’t found my holy grail MLBB lipstick yet ;D

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