2015 Wish List

1. Nike Free or Lunar Flyknit

2. Kiehl’s Rare Earth Masque

3. Mason Jars to make quick breakfast

4. Windbreaker Jacket
Well not necessarily has to be Nike. lol. Anyway I found one that I liked at Uniqlo on the other day, but I just wanted to wait until they put them on sale haha.

5. More Real Techniques Brushes
Since I got the Travel Essential, Mini Kabuki, and Retractable Kabuki, I’m just really into RT and curious to try more of their products. Especially the Core Collection, Powder brush, and Expert Face brush.

4 thoughts on “2015 Wish List

  1. tamiprasetyo says:

    My friend bought me a windbreaker from Uniqlo Japan, and it’s cheapeeeeer than we had in here. :D tapi sayangnya entah di bagian mana ada yang bocor gitu, jadi pas gue pake ujan2an, air hujannya masuk huft

    • nuririn says:

      mungkin karena namanya windbreaker tam, jadi strict buat angin-anginan aja bukan buat ujan-ujanan hihi.. Tapi emang uniqlo itu cuttingnya bervariasi ya :D enak bgt disana lebih murah~

      • tamiprasetyo says:

        Haha iya sih bener juga 😂😂 iya saking harganya jauh ada temen gue (yg lain lg) bkn usaha penitipan barang2 Uniqlo Jepang krn cowoknya dia kerja disana

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