It’s 2015. So, Have You Found Your Three Hobbies?

I’ve stopped making serious new year resolution list since 3 years ago, 2012. Since I realized that future ‘after-college’ life is marely a huge black box. At that time all I was thinking just a short term ‘I want this and I want that’ goals, had no interest in graduating at all. I ended up (feeling like I was) winning a ‘gold medallion’ for finally having to drive a motorcycle everywhere by myself that year. Ehm, please don’t mind my simple minded brain :P.
But then again, it’s 2015 now, I’m still me, just a bit more spicy, organized, and edgy. Haha.
So what had 2014 been doing for me?

– traveled. checked.
– genuinely interested in studying. checked.
– got my very first worth-payed project. checked.
– got the experience of a whole-package design project. checked.
– physically stronger, nearly 6 pack abs. checked.
– all of my clothes are ‘kedodoran’. checked.
– got new friends at the gym. checked.
And the most important of all:
– got my rhythm of life back. checked.
These things were never been on any of my new year resolution list at all. Swear to God. lol. I was just in hunger of new things and wanting to see how things would go and apparently Alhamdulillah everything went really great :)
One thing that I kept in mind whenever I feel down for unnecessary things: “It’s okay to let things go and be grateful”.








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