What’s In My Gym Bag (And a Bit of My Fav Sport Brands)


Hello! I’m such a bad blogger, I know. But having to work at day time, study & attend graduate school every night and weekends is kinda tough T,T . But I definitely do make some times to exercise/workout 4 times a week average, from 6 to 8 am. Now I finally got through my final exams, so it’s time for loads of writings! :D
At the gym I regularly use the weight machines, the weight training area, TRX, and I also join classes like Muay Thai, BodyJam (dance) and BodyCombat (‘martial-arts’-choreographed aerobics). I’m not a runner, and I don’t do cycling nor serious yoga/pilates at the gym, so I hope you understand why I don’t find that I need those tight pants or leggings. And just to let you know that I don’t bring any towels because I can easily rent them for free at the gym hehe. So here we are, let’s see what’s on my gym bag.

(will be updated with more photos soon!)

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I share this based on my personal experience and personal preference only.
(read my full disclaimer here)

1. Workout Outfits
Ok I’m going to mention a few branded items. I’m normally not a massive brand-minded person, but related to sports I do feel that certain brand really do its job, for example in how they give comforts to my body while I’m training. By the way I always buy discounted items for sure :P 20% off at least, or half price, you name it. I mainly got them at Warehouse Sports, Planet Sports, and Sports Station. I don’t care if it’s a shirt from last year collection. As long as it has the technology (i.e. keeps my body temperature cool etc), covers my body nicely, has my preferred color, has discount tag, then I’ll definitely bring it to the cashier, haha. So I’ll be just going through my workout outfits.

Talking about workout pants, I definitely go for Reebok. They have plenty types of long pants (and the sport stores always give special discount too!), so it’s just easy to find which style that complements your legs. Well, you know, skinny-cut pants aren’t for everyone -if you know what I mean. I always wear my Reebok PlayDry boot-cut pants and I have 4 of them (each with various boot-cut style too!). It fits very nicely, not too loose and not too tight. Why don’t I use workout shorts? Because I wear hijab, lols. And that’s also one of the reason why I don’t use leggings. I have long legs (but my torso is quite short :P) and I find it very uncomfortable when people (esp. men) glaring at my legs.

I sweat a lot when I work out, and I really mean A LOT. Cotton T-shirts tend to make my body feel ‘heavy’ and ‘damp’ through out my whole training session because of the sweat it keeps for a long period of time. So, concerning about workout tops, I’ll go for Nike and Lee Vierra. I choose Nike tops because they are very light weight, airy, super comfortable (again: not too loose nor tight), not see through, and covers just underneath my hips. Overall I like how it fits me, so flattering. The fabric is very durable and never leave sweat marks so I don’t feel self-conscious while I’m training. I usually wear a black thin inner shirt with long sleeve underneath so it covers my arms. A few Nike Dri-fit tops that I have: 2 Miler short sleeve v-neck top, and a crew top. They are just perfect for my regular weight training or cardio. Although Nike has incredible tops, I’m not a fan of their workout pants. It’s probably Nike’s signature releasing (only) legging type of pants.

Looking into Lee Vierra, it’s a local Indonesia brand that I think people missed the hype. I got an Activewear Long Sleeves Top at 70% off! I payed only about Rp65.000,- (for Rp 238.900,-) at their clearance sale in Mall Ambassador. How crazy was that? haha. At first, I thought it’s a cotton fabric (and it feels like one too). But in fact it’s a cotton-lycra blend spandex. They use Xtra Life Lycra for breathability and shape retention over time. So far I’ve been liking it. It’s long enough to cover my behind. I usually wear it for BodyBalance class (the Yoga – Tai Chi – Pilates all in one workout), because I feel that it stays on its place, doesn’t glides everywhere like any other workout tops do.
And recently I bought a polyester boxy T-shirt from Uniqlo. It clings on my body very nice and it covers underneath my bottom too so I would feel comfortable doing fast movements like in the BodyJam class.

Anyway, I don’t know why but I haven’t find any interesting stuff in Adidas (well at least looking at their stock here in Jakarta). Their tops are too tight for my preference, too short (most of them only hangs on my belly), and the colors/patterns/styles are kinda not my thing.

2. Training Gloves
I have Nike Women’s Fundamental Training Gloves II in blue. I use training gloves as it prevents calluses on my palms (calluses = a toughened area of skin which has become relatively thick and hard in response to repeated friction, pressure, or other irritation*). It has Dri-fit mesh jersey on the back of hands (for moisture management and breathability), faux suede as the inside palm layer (for comfort and durability), a simple adjustable wrist closure (for secure fit and support), and it’s black! hehe.. and I think the electric blue swoosh in the middle is just super cool :P

3. Shoes + Socks
I have a Skechers GoRun2. For storage, of course I don’t just grab and throw my shoes inside my bag hahaha. I use an orange shoe bag that I got from Daiso and I also put one medium bag of deodorizer in each shoe so it won’t get smelly afterwards. For socks, I think any socks will do just fine.

4. Water Bottle
My gym has already provide water fountain so I can refill my water bottle as much as I want :P Anyway it’s a regular Tupperware, it’s cute and it’s already available at home. I don’t want to splurge on a single water bottle. So as long as it doesn’t leak, then it’s good to go.

5. Music Player + earphones
I always bring my iPod shuffle which I already have since 2008. This tiny green music player is the 2nd generation of iPod shuffle. It was a bonus gift when I got my MacBook White back then. I once had an Urbanears Bagis headset, I was too stubborn as I lost it somewhere at the gym 2 months ago. It was my ultimate favorite piece because it has non-tangled wire, sounds amazing, has microphones, so stylish, and it was just perfect for a workout headset. So then I looked up reviews about budget headsets that has microphone (yup these days we NEED that for phone calls). Apparently I found that Panasonic RP-TCM120 is a one great budget in-ear headset which has build-in microphones and also sits on the earlobe very well while doing cardio exercise or everything else.


6. Spares
Of course I need one set pair of undergarments and a spare of hijab. Who doesn’t like fresh and clean feeling after workout anyway?

7. Toiletries
Actually my gym has provide liquid body soap and shampoo but I got bored eventually, lols. So I always bring my own toiletries if I want to shower at the gym right after my workout. I recently have been loving this body gel, it’s Biore Experience Body Foam Forest Bless (with rain forest and orchid aroma). It smells really fresh, does not have that ‘grass-like’ scent, just a pure ‘airy’ forest scent and a tinge of orchid. I usually don’t like all the regular Biore’s body wash scent because.. I don’t know.. I just don’t like it. I think they all have rather the same type of ‘base-notes’ although they claimed to have different scents, so that’s pretty weird, lols. But this one is totally an exceptional.
Next, these are the other things that I bring with me to the gym:
Lipbalm: Skinfood Shea butter lipbalm in Raspberry.
Deodorant: Rexona women Shower Clean. I like the scent, it’s fresh, and it’s almost smells like baby powder which I really like. I prefer this type of scent for deodorants.
Sunscreen: Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Jelly – Water Base – SPF 30 PA+++
Post-workout Body Lotion: Vaseline total moisture Aloe Fresh SPF 24 (when it’s very SUNNY outside) or Vaseline healthy white Perfect 10 (when the weather is cloudy or raining -which is now often happens in Jakarta lately).
Post-workout makeup: Catrice All Matt Plus in shade 015 Natural Beige, Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick in shade 020 Maroon, EcoTools Mini Kabuki Brush. If my skin is being sensitive, I bring only a pack of oil control film, Avene, and a lipbalm.
I always put the lotions and body wash into little containers so I don’t need to bring those bulky bottles.


8. Last but not least…: My Gym Bag!
It’s a Nike C72 Legend 2.0 Small Duffel Bag 15L. It has two large compartments. I use one for my shoes, training gloves and water bottle. And the other for my workout outfits, spares, and toiletries
It also has small zip pocket that I use to put my iPod shuffle, headsets, gym card, and cellphone.



That’s all about what’s in my gym bag! :) How about you? Do you have other things that matters to you to bring to the gym? I’m just really curious to know! :D

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