N stands for November


It’s true, and I totally agree. If you’ve been through being bullied in school, being cheated on, being back-stabbed on, being talked about behind your back, it’s really shame on them. I have a 12 year old cousin. She’s this geeky cool kid which reminds me of my self haha. She loves to read english fiction teen novels, she has a very quirky sense of fashion style and she’s not that self-conscious like any other teenagers in general. Just a cool happy teenage girl. One day a friend told her that one of their friends hated her because she’s very tall, skinny and ugly. I assume you haven’t read my experience of being bullied (click here). If you have read that, you will understand what I’m gonna say now: “Woah, look at that jealous expression right over there”. When people are jealous of something they don’t have, they usually attacks your physical appearance. Although there’s nothing wrong with your body, they just want to say mean things and make you feel bad about yourself. They are just being insecure and insecure people can be a little bit insane.








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