Recent Beauty Haul – July 2014 [+ Brief Reviews]

2014-07-26 16.57.34

SK-ll Facial Treatment Essence
SK-II Stempower
Innisfree The Minimum Toner for sensitive skin
Tony Moly Delight Magic Lip Tint
Wardah Pure Olive Oil
Cottage Le The Vert / Green Tea Shower Gel

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1. SK-ll Facial Treatment Essence
Using this for almost a year now! This is my HG skincare, obviously :P I prefer buying the mini-sized ones because I often bring it everywhere with me. Bottle glass isn’t comfortable don’t you think so? See this post for more of my thoughts about it :)

2. SK-II Stempower
I’ve been using this for about 5 months now and this is my second mini jar already. Stempower is actually an anti-aging line of SK-II. But I use this not because of its anti-aging purpose though :P I read on a local beauty forum that this works also as an anti-blemish cream! Apparently yes it really did a great job on my skin haha. It combats my acne only within a night or two. Awesome.

3. Innisfree The Minimum Toner for sensitive skin
I always wanted to try Innisfree skincare, especially “The Minimum” line for sensitive skin. Noted that they are famous for their natural ingredients, non-animal derivative ingredients, non-fragrance, etc. I have tried the Mineral Melting BB Cushion too and it was good. A few of my youtube beauty guru also use lots of Innisfree products. So my expectation is pretty high haha. I purchased this online, I got it last week, but unfortunately this doesn’t do anything much for my skin -_-;; errr, in fact, I don’t know about you but I think maybe I’m allergic to one of the ingredients because my redness occurs more frequently since I use this.

4. Tony Moly Delight Magic Lip Tint
Among all of the lip products in the world, lip tints are my favorite item. Especially the ones that last really really long, because I drink a lot, everywhere and every time, like a fish :P. I just bought this lip tint from Tony Moly at Lotte Shopping Avenue today because I left my makeup pouch at home when I was getting ready to the gym. I don’t mind going out without any face makeup, but without lip tint.. I’m pretty lost. So I decided to bought it anyway although I hadn’t read any reviews about it. It turns out that I really like it! :D I bought myself number 01 Strawberry, thanks to the beauty assistant. In the jar it was only a transparent gel/balm-like, but it changed into natural hot pink when applied to my lips. It kinda dries my lips a bit though but not as dry as most of my lipsticks did. It still feels moisturizing but the most important thing is it does not chapped my lips. New fav! :D

5. Wardah Pure Olive Oil
STRONG FRAGRANCE. That’s just the only thought for this Pure Olive Oil from me. I don’t mind the herbal-like smells like Innisfree’s, or the mild powdery fragrance like Wardah’s makeup remover, but this… argh NO. It’s like applying perfume oil on my face. As a fan of non-fragranced skincare products, I don’t think I’ll be using this.

6. Cottage Le The Vert / Green Tea Shower Gel
It’s nice and quite refreshing. Free-paraben formula and contains green tea extract. But I prefer the Vanilla scent to be honest. Oh and also the Strawberry and Mint. I’m still curious about the Argan Oil though :P

2 thoughts on “Recent Beauty Haul – July 2014 [+ Brief Reviews]

  1. Stacia Priscilla says:

    SK-II is always a hit or a miss. For some of us (like you and me) it works great. For others, they get drier skin and gives them breakouts … anyway, appreciate your honesty here :)

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