Let’s Go To The Gym

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Hey, I’ve been going to the gym lately. I really wanted to maintain my health by exercising regularly because I have low blood pressure and it can get worse when I’m on high stress. When I was still in Bandung, I often walked to campus, to the park, traditional markets, and even malls from my apartment. I was also very active and sometimes went camping with my friends on the nearest hill -it was one of the best moment in my life :P. With all those fun activities, it never crossed my mind that I needed a fitness center at all!

I went back to Jakarta for about a year now. Surprisingly the traffic jams and the side walks are getting even worse. It’s totally different from 5 years ago when I left Jakarta to go to Bandung for college. If you live in Jakarta now, I know you know what I’m talking about -yes i’m talking about sidewalks being hijacked by motorcycles. Don’t even mention a nice open space, there’s only a few good ones and it’s freaking hot and humid here. If you think “oh come on Jakarta isn’t that bad…”, ummm yeah, but you need a gym, in fact I truly need one.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I share this based on my personal experience only.
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Thanks to Wita, she accompanied me when I got the chance to try free trial from Fitness First (FF) at Lotte Shopping Avenue. Both of us had never been to a fitness center before, so we were very looking forward to it. The staffs were very friendly and helpful. We tried several machines from cardio to weight lifting. We also got trained by one of their personal trainer and he taught us several weight lifting exercises using bodyweight. It was very interesting. The facilities were very nice. We borrowed the towels for free, a big and small ones. We got ourselves a locker each with two cloth hanger inside. There were showers (with shampoo & shower gel), toilets, spa, hairdryer and drinking water tap in the changing room.

Unfortunately there’s only 11 FF clubs in Jakarta and have not yet available in other big city in Indonesia. I’m kinda curious though to know other mega gym such as Celebrity Fitness or Gold Gym. How about you? Do you join any specific fitness club? :)

3 thoughts on “Let’s Go To The Gym

  1. Apriany says:

    aku pernah nyobainnn fitness januari 2013. tapi cuma bertahan 1 bulan itupun ga full.
    sayang banget rasanya padahal asik banget fitness itu. selain menyehatkan juga mengembangkan pergaulan dan yeah fun!
    i wish i could join fitness again anytime soon.

    • nuririn says:

      wow mengembangan pergaulan gimana Apri? :D so far aku belum sempet nyoba class nya sih, soalnya personal trainerku ga ngijinin aku masuk kelas yg high impact takut ga kuat T,T (tekanan darah rendah soalnya)

      • Apriany says:

        iya, kalo di gym gitu kan pasti ketemu orang-orang baru yang kalo beruntung mereka bisa diajakin ngobrol2 dan tau kehidupan lain selain kehidupan kita,
        kalo ga beruntung sih ga bisa karena tujuan orang ngegym kan emang buat olahraga ya bukan untuk kenalan hehehehe

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