Playlist – June 2014

Bands and the Pop Songs
1. Geronimo – Shepphard Current new song from Australia. This song makes me want to run, literally. It started steady and then went fast and fun!

2. Shut Up and Let Me Go – The Ting Tings (remixed by L.Solano) Catchy! :D

3. I Love It – Icona Pop Obviously not a new song but it keeps playing again and again in my head

4. She’s in Fashion – Suede Honestly I think it has weird intro. But later it sounded very laid back, vintage and has summer vibe to it. Addicting!

Upbeat Acoustic
5. Empire State of Mind part II – Alicia Keys Blame Indonesian Idol Nowela for this. lol. She got me looking for some Alicia Keys’ hits

6. XO – John Mayer (original by Beyonce) John Mayer hardly ever disappointed me

Soothing Balads and Rap
7. di Beranda – Banda Neira This is my current favorite local Indonesia musician. Their lyrics are well written and very touching :”) About this song, I really love the music but the lyrics are heartbreaking!! Really sad..

8. Ordinary People – Runtlalala (original by John Legend) You know that this song is one of my favorite song, definitely because of its meaningful lyrics, very humane. She sang it beautifully without exaggerating.

9. It’s You – RaraSekar Introducing to you, one of Banda Neira’s singer! We all in love with her voice, don’t you?

10. Eyes Nose Lips – Tablo X Taeyang Another worth to watch lyrics. This song is original by Taeyang and not supposed to be a rap song, but Tablo rewrite the lyrics, they sang it in English, and honestly it’s a bomb! :D

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