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If you had read my personal blog for years, you probably got the idea that I’m not that type of girl who cares about her appearance. Of course definitely I was not into fashion clothing and stuffs, but actually I do like to take care of my skin. I also have a quite strong sense in smelling scents and describing them –but that’s a whole different story haha.

I unconsciously started to learn about skin care since the age of 12. I got my first acne when I was in 6th grade elementary school. Back then I was really careless although my friends often asked why I got acne and why why blah blah blah. Well it’s genetic, okay (why were those kids refused to understand this arrgh). My father had acne too when he was younger. It’s because of the hormonal activity, such as puberty, this may contribute to the formation of acne. And in fact, teen acne isn’t something that we could control 100%. That’s why I was firstly didn’t care too much about it. So, who cared? My mother. As I could remember, my face was oily like all the time and the acne was pretty much severe –especially when I’m in my junior high. My mother encouraged me to give more attention to my skin, because maybe someday when I’m old enough, I would regret it if I didn’t. The one and only person who would care enough to take a good care of my skin is only its owner, me. And there goes my journey..

Although I was willing to take care of my skin, I wasn’t stressed too much about it TBH. Hey I’m just a kid with comic books and playstation stick on my hands. Anyway, I tried various kinds of facial cleansing foam for teenagers and that’s how I realized that having oily skin was not-comfortable-in-any-way. lol. To treat the acne, I tried topical retinoids, topical antibiotics, and other topical medicine. Of course everything was under my mother’s supervision since my mother is a physician. But the acne was not totally under control though.

One day when I was in high school, we decided to visit a dermatologist. I got an oral medication and surprisingly it worked very well to reduced the formation of whiteheads and lessen the acne inflammation. I also tried to live a healthy diet with drinking lots of water and avoiding fried foods as suggested by the doctor. So yeah, I managed to use minimal skincare because at that time the acne was no longer as ‘angry’ as it was before :D

After high school, I stayed in another city living by myself and enjoying my life as a collage student. My skin got better, maybe because my puberty age was over(?) :P Anyway, I was no longer using the oral medication. Some acne was still there but not as severe as before. I only use 2 products on my skin: daily facial wash and daily moisturizer. Everything was fine until my 3rd year of college (2011).. As far as I know, my skin type is super oily. But one day, all of the sudden it also became really dry. My skin was oily AND dry at the same time. I saw dry patches on my cheeks, my nose, and the skin on my chin was peeling… I was terrified thinking, “wait.. what’s happening to me? is this even possible??”. I googled here and there and then at one moment I started to recognize that my skin was not ‘dry as a skin type’ but it was rather dehydrated, which means it has lack of moisture. Okay, then I know that my skin is oily and dehydrated, but why was my skin also got redness and bumps every after a mild wind blow? It turned out that it was the mismanaged stress, lack of sleep, and unhealthy eating behavior which triggered my skin to became very sensitive.

I was a ‘workaholic’ girl back in college. I joined loads of activity here and there, so honestly I went careless with my skin. I even couldn’t spare any time to go to a dermatologist. So I decided to fix everything myself, I started to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, balancing my diet, having enough beauty sleep, and not being overly stressed over something that I couldn’t control. It worked. But not for long. My skin became unstable again on and off. I tried to live as healthy as I could, everything, except changing my skincare routine. Since I got rid of my brutal acne, I was always afraid of changing my skincare products, terrified that I would make my skin even worse.

I suffered this unbearable condition for almost 2 years without any professional consultation (omg this is SO WRONG i know T,T). My mom is a doctor but we were in different city back then. So I asked tons of questions to my mom by phone calls, that’s why I insisted not going to a dermatologist. Not that my mom told me not to, it’s just that I’m too busy. Knowing that nothing would change if I didn’t do anything, I then took a leap. It’s January 2013, I was no longer active in any student organization, so no more late night meetings and no more deadline stresses. Yet I was still struggling with my final assignment due to graduation. But I constantly spared my time to search lots of information on the internet about sensitive skin, and of course about skincare ingredients, what can cause irritation and what can soothe sensitive skin.

I also checked out what skincare products that people were raving about at that time. I read lots of great reviews about SK-II and I was really interested in trying the Facial Treatment Essence. However, I always took my time to rethink, was it worthed? was it had to be that expensive? was there any other alternatives? After a very long consideration, I decided to gave it a shot on September 2013.

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I remember it was 5 or 6 months after I religiously using FTE when a few of my mother’s colleague asked me, “Dear, your skin is brighter and clearer, did you visit any dermatologist? what skincare product did you use?” I was flattered. I honestly was. lol. These people know what I had been going through because my mom often talked about it at her office. So I kindly explained that I have been using SK-II for a few months and apparently it worked like a miracle :) I am not exaggerating. It makes my skin looked healthy. I rarely ever experienced any dehydration on my skin anymore. And although I do sometimes got redness due to allergies, it didn’t swollen my entire whole face, only a little part and it’s bearable.

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That’s all about my skin journey and how SK-II became my HG skincare. I highly recommend you to find as many information as possible regarding to any skincare you want to try. Don’t get overly afraid to change your skincare products if it didn’t work as good as it was before. Our skin condition changes as time goes by because of the weather, stress, pollution, etc. So it’s essential for us to use skincare that matches our needs. Don’t forget to drink lots of water, eat fruits and/or veggies regularly, manage your stress wisely, and get enough beauty sleep. If you’re interested in SK-II, you can check out my review in Bahasa on FemaleDaily Forum.

Lastly, I want to say that my skin is not as perfect as photoshop-ed images on the magazine. I have large pores, naturally very oily skin, still acne-prone, have lots of acne scars, and gets red pretty fast (because of allergies, mild pressure and also because of direct heat from the sun). But I’m already grateful for what I have. I consider this as perfect comparing to my previous skin condition. It’s human skin, not porcelain :)

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I share this based on my personal experience only.
(read my full disclaimer here)

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