[Review] MakeOver: Eyeshadow (2) – Love at First Sight, Magical Fairy Tale


This is the second part of the MakeOver Trivia Eye Shadow review. Featuring two shades: Love at First Sight and Magical Fairy Tale. Be sure to read this first part right over here to see a full review of these eyeshadows and to see two other shades: Emperor Brown and Indian Summer :)

Love at First Sight & Magical Fairy Tale are 2 out of 4 new collection of MakeOver Trivia Eyeshadows S/S 2014. The other two are Dolly Crush “The Doll” and Enchanting Nude Spell “The Lady”. Check out their tutorial slash advertisement in this video:

You can find the shade Toast and Misty at Dolly Crush set. Well since I already have Toast in my Indian Summer trio, I don’t think I need another exact same shade.

Love at First Sight “The Bombshell”
Official Description: Glamorous, irresistible, seductive, exquisite, mysterious, stunning, daring, bold.
Silverest. Ladylike. Stiletto Black.
Silverest & Ladylike: Satin with tiny pearlized shimmer, but not glittery.
Stiletto Black: Matte finish with sparkles
I picked Love at First sight because of its classic pair of black & white. It also have pink plum color in the middle. The texture is soft and silky.

Magical Fairy Tale “The Flamboyant”
Official Description: Lively, fresh, whimsical, vivid, feisty, warm, vibrant, fascinating.
Turquoise. Gold. Sunset
All of them are satin finish. I got these last month from my Lolabox. As you can see on the picture, these three shades are actually the single-version of its Trivia Eye Shadow set. So, basicly these ‘new collections’ aren’t ‘new colors’. They’re just already-available-colors that repackaged as ‘new trios’. Idk I was kinda disappointed when I realized this. Don’t get me wrong, I love the shades and everything. But the term ‘new collection’ is somewhat misleading…. yes?


To end this post, I want to share a quick review about two other products. You know I’ve been rambling about how great the MO products are and I’m being very crazy about them, right? Hehehe.. However, Lucie’s comment on the previous post reminded me that MO do also have some items that turned me down:
1. Camouflage Cream Face Concealer. It’s a 5-tone concealer. Light beige for highlighter, beige for concealing dark spots & acne spots, green for neutralizing redness, purple for brightening effect, and orange for blue-ish dark circles under the eye. It’s quite innovative since none of other local brands have this kind of concealer. However I find that they are hard to blend and cakes up on my skin pretty fast –or maybe cream concealer just aren’t suitable for my skin? idk. The beige color are too dark for me. The light beige accentuate my dry patches. So, clearly it doesn’t work for me. Period. I prefer my SkinFood Rice Concealer Tip to this one.

2. Exclusive Pocket-sized Brush set. It’s from natural bristle, pony hair to be exact. Five brush and each has very soft bristle –really, unlike the Oriflame blending brush. However it takes a looong time for them to dry after cleansing. I also found that the bristles are shedding after I washed them (but not as crazy as Tammia brushes). So, if you like to wash your brushes (at least) once a week like me, you probably won’t like this.

More on my next review list are the Pencil Eyeliner Black Jack, Liquid Eyeliner, Makeup Remover, lippies and Green Corrective Base Makeup, but maybe not in the mean time :P
As for the liquid foundation, cream foundation, two way cake and hydration serum, I haven’t tried them so I can’t tell how good or bad their quality. I actually avoid those kinds of face makeup since my skin is acne-prone (and sensitive). I won’t risk my skin :P

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7 thoughts on “[Review] MakeOver: Eyeshadow (2) – Love at First Sight, Magical Fairy Tale

    • nuririn says:

      Halo Gea, salam kenal ya :)
      insert link itu pertama-tama block dulu kata atau kalimat yang mau dijadiin link, trus klik icon link, baru deh masukin web address nya, simple kok :) semoga membantu..

  1. Nuriowandari says:

    Aku juga merasa concealer dia susah dibaur, dan nggak tahan lama? Tapi ada yang bilang juga (Mbak Arum racun warna warni bukan ya), produk itu kalau sudah lama dipakai jadi semakin lembut dan ngekrim, dan aku juga ngerasa gitu. Dulu awal beli kayak seret banget. Tapi nggak tahu deh mau beli lagi atau nggak.

    Kata Wayne Goss, kebanyakan orang sebenernya nggak perlu Color Correcting kecuali yang pigmentasi parah. Bahkan kantong mata pada umumnya kata dia bisa ditutup dengan concealer aja. Aku jadi nyoba cari concealer untuk menggantikan paletnya MO ini.

    • nuririn says:

      Aku kurang kurang suka produk yang “makin lama dipake makin creamy dll”. I paid the whole thing so the performance should be good right from the first time I use it -it better worth my money haha #pelitamat x)

      Aku setuju sama Wayne Goss, corrector dipake sesuai kebutuhan aja. Untuk under eye, sebenernya cocok-cocokan juga, jujur aja dari semua concealer yang aku coba ngga ada yang cocok untuk under eye aku. Udah coba single use ataupun dengan segala macem kombinasi produk, tetep terlalu sheer atau terlalu matte atau cakey atau greasy (nutup sih nutup tapi formulanya yang suka ngga cocok). Jadi aku nyoba under eye corrector dari Bobbi Brown yang emang didesain untuk under eye, ada yang suka banget (like I do and I use it every single day :D) tapi ada juga yang ngga cocok.

      Anyway thank you for coming by! :D I really appreciate it :)

      • Nuriowandari says:

        Iya, nih. Kayanya concealer lokal belum ada yang cukup bagus untuk jadi HG. Bobbi Brown kayanya high end ya? Harganya berapaan itu?

        Ngomong-ngomong soal correction paletnya ini, aku paling bingung cara pakai yang ungu. Katanya buat area kusem. Tapi kalau aku pakai, efeknya 11-12 sama yang warna krem muda (beige) wkkwkwk

        Apa aku yang pakainya kebanyakan atau gimana. Aku tutup pakai foundation gak berasa makin “cerah” tuh. Beda warna satu tingkat mah iya :)))

  2. Raissa says:

    I also find the cream corrector will get softer and creamier after several times of usage. I didn’t mind at all because it will be more hydrating and not tugging my eyes at all.

    Tipsku adalah pakai tipis2 dan blend menggunakan concealer brush or beauty blender for more even finish, wait until it dry completely, and voila! Gak move bahkan setelah dikasih foundation dan concealer.

    Great review anyway!

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