[Review] Wardah: Eye Shadow Trio – A, D, F, G, J

For a person who doesn’t use sparkly eye shadows for daily makeup, I have too many eye shadows. Blame my love for colors for this irony, hehe. I have 9 trios, 2 quads, 3 single eyeshadows, and 2 medium palette :P I only use them for special occasion, and I really need to stop buying more of them because I’m not a makeup artist lol. Anyway for today I want to share a review of 5 Wardah eyeshadow trios. Wardah is a local Indonesian brand that (I think they) really success in promoting their products as a Halal makeup brand. Their image brand really bonds with fresh and young moslem women. Moreover, when people are talking about halal makeup, the first thing that pops out of their heads is Wardah, ALTHOUGH there are lots of other halal makeup brands such as Sariayu, PAC, La Tulip, etc. So, is it a Yay or a Nay?

I really wanted to try Wardah since their commercial were very tempting lol. You need to look at these photoshots and tell me how lovely the atmosphere are. Wardah has wide range of pastel-peach-pink lipsticks and they are indeed very pretty! I had 2 of them to try, but unfortunately the lipsticks were drying my lips so I had to let them go :( Well you know the difference between ‘matte-finish’ & ‘chapped lips’ don’t you? For some people it may feel OK because it contains Jojoba Oil, vit. e and stuffs but it chapped my lips anyway. So my curiosity landed on their eye shadows.



Very clean, simple, and straight to the point. I can see the colors from the outside packaging so it’s easy to find which trio I want to use. This is why I tend to grab the G Trio instead of MakeOver’s Emperor Brown when I’m in a hurry (I really don’t have time to flip every eyeshadow to find Emperor Brown :P). It’s quite small so it’s very handy for traveling. What I like about the packaging is although they use transparent plastic, it’s quite thick and strong. The silver print on the front is lovely, doesn’t peel off, and covers the sponge brush very well so it doesn’t expose the dirty sponge :P The mirror is kinda useless though because it’s really tiny, but it’s still acceptable if I don’t have any mirror at all.



Color, Texture, and Finish
I pick these trios because I’m very interested in brown, warm-peach to soft pink colors. I’ll describe them down below based on my interpretation. Actually the company doesn’t give them names, just alphabetic codes. Each of the color also doesn’t have names so I decided to give them (names) for the sake of this review haha :P The texture & finish varies from one set to another. To be honest I wish they could be more consistent with their formula. Some are very nice but some are a nonoonooo. People say that I need to use a good eyeshadow base if I want these shadows to be more pigmented and last longer. But actually I don’t like to use any eyeshadow base because I want to minimize applying unnecessary item for my sensitive skin.

Wardah Eyeshadow A Trio
Honey Gold. Brownish. Red Matte.
Honey Gold: Satin finish
Brownish: Satin but has less sparkle than Honey Gold, it’s almost matte with sparkles but has sheen to it, it’s like very in between satin & matte.
Red Matte: Matte with sparkles

Wardah Eyeshadow D Trio
Pink Latte. Baby Pink. Soft Purple.
All three of them: Matte finish. Chalky, hard to blend. They doesn’t show up on my skin. I tried to use it as highlighter, failed. I really don’t recommend this shade. Period.

Wardah Eyeshadow F Trio
Dusty Peach. Rose Pink. Green Sun.
Dusty Peach: Frosty finish. This one is very nice for bottom eye lid (aegyo sal) or for the inner corner of my eyes.
Rose Pink: Frosty finish. I really like this as a single use eyeshadow for all over the lid. I wouldn’t say it’s a rose gold color because the gold doesn’t really stand out.
Green Sun: Frosty with gold shine. Actually it’s a really unique color, it’s green but has golden-yellow micro-shimmer in it, very pretty!
This trio is my favorite among 5 of them and has the most nice texture too. It’s just that I don’t use sparkly & colorful eyeshadows for daily makeup.

Wardah Eyeshadow G Trio
Nude. Chocolate Milk. Teddy Brown.
All of them are matte finish. Acceptable color payoff. Nice for natural daily use, just to add more dimension to the eyes. It’s also good for tuning down bright sparkly eyeshadows to have more modest look. Since it’s brown & very neutral, it’s very versatile. I can also use the Teddy Brown for eyebrows & instant eye liner.
Nude: can be used as an eyeshadow base.
Chocolate Milk: light taupe shade. If your skin is fair, you can use this as a transition shade.
Teddy Brown: cool-toned dark brown.
It’s very rare to have 3 neutral matte color in one set. So this one is alright if you don’t want anything ‘bling-bling’. Just in case you’re wondering, these colors are more cool-toned compared to MakeOver Emperor Brown that has a lot more warm-toned.

Wardah Eyeshadow J Trio
Green Army. Yellow Gold. Orange Peach.
Green Army: Matte with sparkles
Yellow Gold: Satin finish. Nice for bottom eye lid.
Orange Peach: Satin finish
Ok, to be honest I choose this because I was looking for a dupe for Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone. Not the whole palette, only the color on the left side at the second row :P I compared the Orange Peach to that color, but eventually I was still unsatisfied.

UV Protection
Titanium Dioxide

Sericite, Methylhydrogenpolisilaxane, Mica, Glyceryl, Trioctanoate, Diisostearyl Malate, Talc, Zinc Myristate, Dimethicone, Polymethyl Metacrylate, Zinc Stearate, Dimethiconol Stearate, Squalane, Titanium Dioxide, Methylmethacrylate Crosspolymer, Plydimethylsiloxane Fluid (Dimethicone), Quaternium-15, Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Isopropyl Titanium Trisostearate, Isopropyl Myristate, Synthetic Flourphlogopite.


Price & Availability
About Rp42.000,- depends on where you buy them. I got mine mostly at Carrefour. You get 4.2g for 3 colors, which means 1.6g per color.
(USD$3.67 –currency USD$1=Rp11.448,-)

– The price is quite similar to La Tulipe (not the LT Pro), however I prefer Wardah’s eyeshadow to La Tulipe because most of them are more blend-able and have more choices of interesting colors.
– Wardah is produced by PT Paragon Technology and Innovation. It’s the same company which produce MakeOver (2010) but with different shareholders.

Final Verdict
Overall, I can’t say that I really like the product very much. The quality aren’t bad but aren’t very great either, however:
– It’s nice for people who are new to eye makeup. Because you don’t need too much products but you can get to try lots of color (and various texture) with affordable price. And this is definitely for people who likes natural look because the color payoff are ok and the shimmer aren’t overwhelming.
– If you like wild colors, looking for obvious pigmentation, or already satisfied with your favorite eyeshadows, you may want to skip this.

Yes and No. LOL. It’s average, but I use the G Trio very often. It’s also travel friendly to my liking. So I will probably repurchase G Trio (and F Trio :P), but not the others.

5 thoughts on “[Review] Wardah: Eye Shadow Trio – A, D, F, G, J

  1. Lucie says:

    Based on your pictures, I would say I prefer G Trio. But even if I’m more into neutral looks, I like when the colors are very pigmented. So I’m not sure these trios are for me. And too bad for their drying lipsticks!

    • nuririn says:

      Yep, unfortunately they’re not pigmented enough without eye shadow base. So wait for my review on MakeOver Emperor Brown! hehe~ XD

    • nuririn says:

      hi, thanks for dropping by Gea :)
      Indeed, Wardah has so many beautiful-colored eyeshadows! but I don’t think I’ll repurchase any other of their shades because I’m not too fond of the texture. Anyway thank you for your recommendation :)

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