Makeup Talk: Blush On

When I was a kid, blush on maybe one of the makeup product that I hated the most. Because my ‘kindergarten brain’ thought that ‘looking like a clown’ was kinda disturbing (ampuuun sotoy amat ya saya waktu kecil huahaha XD). But twenty years later, I browsed here and there, it seems that blush ons can actually polish our look if we apply them properly. So let’s take a look at these gorgeous ladies, my celebrity crushes :D
They are using blush ons but doesn’t look like clowns (dan juga ga seperti abis ditampar kan?). The blush ons are barely even there but just enough to make them looked fresh. For daily makeup I really suggest using blush on without overdoing it. Be as natural as possible. Don’t forget that one of the sign you’re doing your blush properly is when people can’t notice that the lovely blush on your face is from makeup! ;) This infographic below will help you find your best way in putting on natural blush on based on your face shape:

For photography purpose or certain occasion, you can play crazy on blushes because camera flash can wash out your colors. Moreover, do it as how you wanted to be because makeups can improve the mood & theme on photography shoots. Heavy, purple, green, vermilion or whatever.. it’s totally up to you ;) Like this one, this is obviously for photoshoots~

(Source: Vogue Japan/Nathaniel Goldberg via Beauty Crazed via

I think that’s enough talking about blush on. I hope you find this helpful :)

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