My Morning Time Skincare Routine


For people with sensitive skin, the less product they use, the better. This also applies to the amounts of ingredients, less ingredients -the better. For people with oily skin, stick with water-based product or gel or liquid. My skin is sensitive AND oily. I avoid using too much product because it can give my skin a ‘heavy’ unpleasant feeling. It can also make my oily skin more oily throughout the day. That’s why I use less product in the morning. There’s only 3 steps of my morning time routine: cleansing, base, powdering.

1. Cleansing
I use The Body Shop Aloe Gentle Facial Wash for daily cleansing. Alternately, I use SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser when my skin is in its best condition.

2. Moisturizer / Sunblock / Makeup Base
I have three choices of these and I only use one of them at a time.
The Body Shop – Aloe Soothing Gel
— for daily moisturizer when I’ll just be at home, not going anywhere
Biore – UV Aqua Rich Watery Jelly SPF 30 PA+++
— for daily sunblock when I’m about to go out in the morning or afternoon
MakeOver – Corrective Base Makeup
— for special indoor occasion, this can control excessive oil so I don’t need to blot my face very often. It can also neutralize my red patches (due to sensitive skin) because it has green color.

3. Loose Powder
Oh I think I haven’t mention that my skin is also acne-prone. Foundation, or cream foundation or two way cake –anything you named it, has more potential in clogging pores. So instead of using those product, I choose loose powder because it’s less likely to clog pores.
MakeOver – Silky Smooth Translucent Powder #01 Porcelain
Wardah – Luminous Face Powder #03 Ivory (I use Masami Shouko powder case because Wardah has a VERY fragile powder case -it was broken although I never drop it)
You probably questioning why would I need two loose powder at a time. So, according to this beauty guru, we can use at least 2 colors of foundation and 4 shades of powder, depends on our preference. “There is no ‘one color’ to everyone.” [Please do watch her videos, it’s the most helpful source when it comes to makeup without being too makeup-y]. The key is knowing our skintone and knowing what do we want to enhance. Basicly, like many of the south-east-asian I have yellow skintone. But because I have sensitive skin, I also have a bit of pink-ish tone on my cheek, chin and center of my face. I found that these two powder shades fits my color perfectly. There’s no right or wrong. If I want to look more bright, I’ll use #01 Porcelain. If I want to look more neutral, I’ll use #03 Ivory.


3 thoughts on “My Morning Time Skincare Routine

  1. Lucie says:


    I’m Lucie from “From Paris to Jakarta”. I just discovered your blog thanks to you and what a nice surprise :) Thank you so much for adding my blog to your Read list! I love how your blog design is uncluttered and your pictures are so nice. I wish I were a photographer as well hehe.

    By the way, what is a two way cake? I saw a lot of these in Jakarta but never in France.

    Are you on Bloglovin so I can follow your blog?

    • Rainrain says:

      Hello Lucie!

      omg I really adore your blog :”) I like to read your reviews and your experience living in Jakarta. So it’s a pleasant surprise having you here, thank you very much for visiting! I still need to improve a few things in this blog though hehe.

      ‘Two way cake’ is basicly a compact powder foundation. So it gives more coverage than the average compact powder :) It is called ‘two-way’ because there are two ways of applying: with dry sponge (for sheer/medium) or with wet sponge (for medium/full coverage).

      By the way I’m on Bloglovin :) I recently put the link on the side bar.

      • Lucie says:

        Oh ok, the mystery of the “two-way cake” is solved, thank you :D

        I followed you on Bloglovin so I will be able to read all your new blogposts hehe

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