Beauty in my Pouch


I may be one of those girl who doesn’t carry many (girly) things around. But for me, I do think that these items are necessary! :)

Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets
This oil control film do its job very nicely. It mattifies my (very) oily skin. A quick less-shiny face without powder hassle. It has slim packaging & fits perfectly in little pockets. If I can only bring one item with me, I’ll definitely choose this among the others.

The Body Shop – Aloe Soothing Gel
My skin is very sensitive. My face can get a few redness & itchy even without being touched by anything. I was lucky I found this Aloe Soothing Gel in TBS Kota Kasablanka a few weeks ago. This works awesome for calming down the reaction on my skin.

Bath & Body Works – Anti-Bacterial PocketBac Sanitizing Hand Gel
Yes we need sanitizing hand gel. Especially when we’re eating out in a fast food restaurant. Who eats chicken or burger in KFC with a spoon anyway?

Oriflame – Pure Nature Pear & Nectarine Eye Gel
If my eyes gets really tired, this eye gel can be an instant refresher. It gives cooling sensation so it can really wakes me up.

Wardah – Compact Powder in shade Ivory
Powder Retractable Mini Brush
Pixy – Glam Lasting Lipstick in shade Innocent Nude L403
Since I knew that powder brush delivers natural finished look, I hardly ever use any sponge for applying powder. That’s why I even bring a mini-brush everywhere I go.

Eucalyptus Oil, Painkillers and Anti-Allergy medicine :P
I have food allergies, I often have terrible stomach cramps during the first few days of my periods, and I also sometimes experience bad migraine if I’m too tired or lacking sleep. I know after graduation I adapt a more healthy lifestyle, but I still have these stand-by on my pouch just in case anything happen.


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