A Blog? Why?

I love to tell stories. But I’m not sure whether people wants to listen or not. That’s why I started a blog at the first place. 8 years ago in Geocities, 2005. I believe that someone out there is reading and it feels like having a deep conversation with them. Don’t get me wrong, my friends and family are always supportive in my life, especially in academic, career, achievements, etc. But there are certain things that I’m not able to communicate with them.

With the internet, people found us. The people who are willing to notice our thoughts sincerely, whether it’s in a blog (wordpress, blogger, etc) or a vlog (youtube, keek, etc). And we found people. Fandoms are everywhere, people with unique characteristics are over the net, beyond boundaries. It’s just like choosing what kind of environment we want to live in. That’s why, I love to write in blogs :P Oh did I mention that I also love to watch vlogs? Dan Howell for example, he’s hilarious.

I’ve been writing in a blog for almost 10 years. I first blogged in GeoCities (R.I.P), then blogspot, moved to livejournal, and then multiply (R.I.P), and now ended up having two wordpress blog that I regularly update. For me, blogging has never been an obligation. It’s always be a passion. But it doesn’t mean I never had any constraints. In the past 2 years I had experienced what people called writer’s block. *gasp* I thought it was only a myth.

Writer’s block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work. – Wikipedia

It’s horrible. When I sit in front of my laptop, I thought I immediately lost my ability to write. Is it because I used to do too much formal things in my laptop? Like doing my bachelor research, looking for a job, looking for scholarship. Did I got traumatized by it? Believe it or not, honestly it kinda killed my own sound. So then a few weeks ago I tried to type things in my cellphone instead of my laptop. I looked for a quiet decent place like Old Ch*ng Kee in Sency. I grabbed a lunch, got full, open my phablet and.. bingo! It worked :D I started to writing again, it feels very nice~

So dear readers, if you are currently experiencing a writer’s block, maybe you should try to change your usual writing habits. Find a new cozy place, or write anything that interest you the most. :) Good Luck!

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