I Miss My Self

Not being able to write down my thoughts were like a bit of depression for me. Don’t worry, it’s just a tiny bit.
Err.. Okay I lied, sorry about that. Writing is like a therapy for me to think systematically, to organize my thoughts and to express what’s inside my head. I regularly write a journal since 4th grade elementary school. So, it was somewhat a major problem for me, you know, not writing is a big problem.
I really wish I could write anything that pops out of my head, but there are some sudden circumstances where I just couldn’t write things like the way I write before. One of them is because this blog is unexpectedly popular among my friends and family for the past few months. Weird, because I swear I NEVER did anything that smells like promoting my blog on the social network. But hey I’m not saying that you guys should stop reading :D Come and play with me have fun in my inner world! Yeay!

Actually, not writing was not really that bad, you know. I learned to reduce my whining. I’m sure you guys have heard of this wise sentence: “When you need to carry a big pile of bricks, what you really need to concern is not about the bricks’ weight, but it’s about how you carry the bricks”. I recently made many tough decisions, big ones. If I kept on questioning, “Why me God? Why me?”, I wouldn’t go anywhere while the universe runs realllly fast. Yeah, I learned my lesson. And you guys should too. Whatever happened to our lives, the world won’t wait and the clock will keep on ticking.

Anyway, last week I went to Singapore for vacation :D I’ll update on Sunday, so stay tuned~

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