First Blush Box September 2013: September Repair, Refresh, Rejuvenate

Lately, beauty box is popular among the internet beauty-bloggers. So, beauty box, what is that and how does it works? The idea is that you subscribe to one of the website that provide beauty box subscription, and then each month you will receive a box full of new samples, travel-size or full-size beauty products to try. But the price you pay for those beauty box is usually cheaper than you have to pay for each of the product inside them. At first, they only available in the US or Canada, like IPSY.COM, Top Box, Glossy Box, etc. And none of them ships to Indonesia. So, where to subscribe?

A few months ago, finally beauty box trend hits Indonesia. You can try these local companies to subscribe their beauty box: Vanity Trove, Lola Box, Beauty Treats Indonesia, and First Blush. You can choose how many months you want to subscribe, it depends on the package they provide. The price and product brand is also depends on the company you subscribe. It will be different from one company to another. Just don’t forget to fill in your beauty profile on your account so that they can pick the perfect product for you to try!

I did subscribe First Blush for a month. Blame my high dose of curiosity for this LOLS. I know I’m not crazy for makeups, but I do drool for skin care. Keeping my skin healthy is a must and trying new product is a fun thing to do for me. So I was hoping that First Blush could send me more skin care products than makeups. Surprisingly, this First Blush September box is full of skin care! *gasp omg! Let’s take a look at this cute little pyramid red box.



When I open it, a very nice fragrance burst out of the box :) There’s a hanging circle paper with “September Repair, Refresh, Rejuvenate” written on it. There are 6 skin care products that focus on moisturizing and 1 make up tool, plus 1 shopping voucher at Perfect Beauty. Here’s the list:

For Hair:
1. Kerastase Reflection Chroma Riche Luminous Softening Treatment Masque
2. Kerastase Nutritive – Oleo Relax
For Eyes:
3. H2O Product: Night Oasis Overnight Eye Complex
For Face:
4. MJ Care Facial Masks in Collagen Essence
For Lips:
5. Pure Smile Choosy Lip Mask
6. Natural Bee Balm
Makeup tool:
7. Allure Eyelid Sticker (I don’t think I will use this though :p so readers, if you’re interested in this item please kindly contact me :D)


Here’s a few details:
SONY DSCKerastase Reflection Chroma Riche Luminous Softening Treatment Masque in 30ml
(200ml Rp460.000,- | 500ml Rp999.000,-)
Kerastase Nutritive – Oleo Relax in 30ml
(200ml Rp460.000,- | 500ml Rp999.000,-)
yes people, it’s not typo, it’s literally near 1jt rupiahs if it’s in 500ml :P

SONY DSCNatural Bee Balm (5gram Rp20.000,-)
This balm smells really realllly gooood :’) from the review I read on the internet, this product is a very good moisturizer for dry skin, not only for lips, but we can also apply it on the knees, elbow, cuticle, etc. And it’s a homemade product made in Malang! *woot*
Anyway, there are also Korean & Japan product like these ones. Not yet available in Indonesia.


Usually beauty box gives a balance amount of makeup and skin care product in their subscription box. When we fill in our beauty profile (what type of skin we have, what kind of product we want to try, what kind of fragrance we like, do we have any skin concern such as acne or wrinkles, etc) we’re eagerly hoping very much that the company will curate the items for us to match our needs. But then again, it depends on the company. So readers, if you don’t like the term ‘beli kucing dalam karung’, I don’t think you need to try beauty box. But if you see it as a “pleasant surprises!”, like I do, you can enjoy having fun with them~

Anyway, this is my very first beauty box, thank you First Blush, what a pleasant surprise.. :3

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