Three months ago, the thought of applying for a job was a nightmare for me. Honestly that’s why I had not write on this blog for quite a long time. lols. It’s a very big deal since I always dream of being an entrepreneur and doing things the way I want. But later, because of lots and lots of dialogues, loads of prayers, and also looking inside myself, I gradually thought of the benefits that I can get from getting a job. Especially, when I attended an entrepreneur conference, there’s this one inspiring speaker said, “To be an entrepreneur, you can study from anywhere. You can either learn from someone at work, or you can learn by your self. There’s no right or wrong. You just need a vision, confidence, momentum, that’s all it takes.”

I LOVE THAT QUOTE. True, I need to learn lots of things. So, apparently I applied for jobs. I never thought it was gonna be easy though. That’s why I’m not surprised by being in a condition where I’m flooded by rejection. haha. I only got interviewed once, and I didn’t get the job anyway. I didn’t pass that new television station recruitment program. I didn’t even pass the civil servant administration application selection. And lots of other jobs that I don’t even bother mentioning. No worries, sure we’ve been through lots of rejection in life, so it wasn’t a new thing. We just need to move on, and I’m very good at it.

So what did I do in my spree time? I googled. I’m currently learning about documentary-movie script writing and a bit of website designing. I know it isn’t related to anything, but knowing new things keeps me alive. I also planning to take a few TOEFL test, I really mean four test. Two prediction test, one is for graduate university program, and one is an iBT international test. I’ve done one prediction test already, so three more to go. Last but not least: YouTube-ing, gosh YT is fun and addicting. haha. Check this video I found a moment ago:

Two days ago I had breakfast with my mom. I tell her that I didn’t pass the civil servant application selection. Suddenly my mom said, “Sebenernya mama berharapnya kakak bisa ngelanjutin sekolah ke luar negeri.”
….ya pantesan aja sampe sekarang ga dapet kerjaan :))) hahahaha.
Ok, now I’m serious in applying for that scholarship. :)

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