July Inspirations

I know it’s kinda late posting this July Inspirations :p
Facing the fact that I graduated a few weeks ago, being a ‘non-mahasiswa’ is a truly something to learn lols (I’ll write about this later).
Anyway, one week ago I caught a flu (again) and then a few days later my doctor says that I also caught laryngitis. And a few days later I still had the fever, apparently it’s not because of the laryngitis, but it’s because of my wisdom teeth. It hurts like hell. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t think clearly, I couldn’t plan or execute anything. Conclusion: it’s a two weeks of un-productive-ness. Hence I haven’t done anything since my graduation AND my weight dropped by 6 kg zomg. In the end I bought a few new books about Tazkiyatun Nafs, and about Freelance Business. Oh well despite of what I read, please don’t assume anything, folks :p Because you know I’m such an unpredictable dork.










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