Posing & Makeup for Portrait Photographs

As a female photographer, I found that people tend to expect more than just a camera click from me. Especially when I’m photographing women. I often got questions like, “Do you have any colorful fabrics for hijab? Can I borrow them so it could match my outfit?” or “Do you have any make-ups? Can you do basic make-ups?” sometimes, “Do you have any costume? Can I borrow for our photo shoot?”
Aaaand for awhile ago, most of the answer I gave were a clean, “No.”
They’re pretty shocked because almost all of the women my age just couldn’t go outside without wearing any make-ups, and I’m not one of them. I realize that although make-ups and dressing aren’t my daily routine, at least I should have those basic knowledge with me (well yeah since I’m a woman after all, LOLS). So these 2 videos by Michelle Phan is a fun thing to watch. The first video is about simple makeup for normal/casual portraits, and the second is about tips on posing for photos.

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