Tonight is like every other night
kecuali bahwa tadi saya pikir motor saya ilang,
ternyata cuma lupa parkir dimana.

sepi itu datangnya tak kenal waktu
ia juga takkan bertanya sudah makan atau belum
ia cuma tahu bahwa
mudah sekali menghampiri orang yang terlalu banyak bersosialisasi
ia juga tak peduli kau berada di pesta atau sedang sendiri
ia cuma tahu bahwa
di balik keriangan, kau butuh teman

I had a very great time as a kid
my mom is a physician
when I was a kid she used to spend most of the time at home
she only go to the office 2 days in a week
walaupun juga buka praktek dokter di rumah setiap hari,
my mom was more like a full time mom than a career lady
that’s why I had a very great time as a kid
so, honestly,
I never thought “working from 8 to 5 every day” as one of my future option
I want my kids also have a superb quality time with me
It’s not a “I don’t like working”, I actually am a workaholic
I love to work, doing nothing makes me crazy
doing something keeps me sane
nevertheless, I’m more of a “choosing what’s worth.”

saya mau ke canada

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