Vermillion and Turquoise

Hari ini seorang sahabat berbagi oleh-oleh dari luar kota. Dia bilang, “Buat para teman-temanku yang wanitaaaa ini ada gelang dari Banjarmasin!” Ketiga sahabat yang lain berdecak kagum dan mulai rebutan warna gelang. Tanpa sadar tangan saya meraih yang berwarna turqoise. Actually I’m not a big fan of bracelets, tapi saya suka sekali warna turquoise. Dan kalau dipikir-pikir, lumayan juga jadi punya gelang buat kondangan. Ok, gelang turqoise sudah di genggaman, tapi kemudian para sahabat saya itu langsung memakainya. Lalu saya berpikir, so… this bracelet is meant to be worn for daily outfits? not for kondangan ya? —-ah whatever.

Talking about favorite color, I once adore the color of Vermillion.

I remember when I was in kindergarten, one of my crayons had the label ‘Vermillion’. Not red nor orange, it’s Vermillion. From that moment, I kept on asking “What does that mean? Vermillion, what a cool name.. Is that actually a person’s name? If it is, I bet she’s beautiful and strong, just like the color.. I feel energized by just looking at it.” Yes, as a kid I’m very curious & cerewet.

Sekarang, pada dasarnya sih yang saya sukai adalah kombinasi warna. Saya suka gradasi warna ungu, hijau, oranye, peach, fuschia, dsb. Saking banyaknya, saya putuskan saja bahwa I don’t have any particular favorite color. Tapi jika saya berada di satu kondisi yang mengharuskan saya memilih 1 warna tunggal, saya akan memilih Turquoise.

Turquoise adalah warna yang unik, ia adalah warna biru yang kehijauan atau hijau yang kebiruan –well somewhere in between. Buat saya, turquoise adalah warna yang tidak menuntut banyak, menenangkan juga membebaskan seakan-akan berkata, “Silakan keluarkan ide-idemu yang gila. It’s okay to be crazy, I won’t blame you for anything.” Yeah, I believe colors can speak ;)

Jadi, itulah yang menarik dari warna. Dan pilihan warna ternyata memang mencerminkan kepribadian kita lho. Seperti artikel yang saya temukan ini, berikut adalah kepribadian yang dimiliki seseorang jika ia menyukai warna Turquoise :D

Having a personality color turquoise means that you are friendly and approachable, easy to communicate with.
You are compassionate, empathetic and caring.
You have a heightened sense of creativity and sensitivity.
You speak from the heart and love sharing your inner most thoughts.

As a personality color turquoise you usually have highly developed intuitive abilities.
You seek spiritual fulfillment, and you are often an evolved or ‘old’ soul.
You are trying to create balance in your life as you swing emotionally from one direction to the other. Although presenting a cool and calm exterior, and appearing to be stable and balanced, beneath the surface you may be in chaos, on an emotional roller coaster ride.
You are self-sufficient, with good self esteem and an ability to love and care for yourself.
You are a clear thinker and good decision maker.
You have good organizational and management skills.
You make a good boss, as you tend to influence others rather than be bossy and demanding.
You are confident and find public speaking to be easy – with your ability to focus and concentrate on the most important things and your capacity for clarity of thought, communication comes easy to you.
You are good at multi-tasking – focusing on one thing at a time bores you.
You have strong powers of perception and can be selective and discerning, balancing the pros and cons of any situation, then identifying the best way forward.
Your thinking can become scattered at times, particularly when you try to accomplish too much at once. This can overtire you and you become emotionally out of balance.
You can be self-centered, tuning in to your own needs to the exclusion of the needs of others.
You can be boastful and narcissistic, appearing egotistical and conceited.
You fear being alone and can become aloof and unapproachable when this occurs, making the situation even worse.
You can be impractical and idealistic with an overactive mind creating emotional imbalance – you need turquoise to bring you back into balance.
If operating from a negative perspective, you may lack communication skills, have difficulty in expressing yourself, including your emotions, be unreliable and deceptive, have creative blocks, or be either over emotional or non-emotional.
You may be naturally drawn to turquoise when you are suffering emotional stress as it is the color that controls and heals the emotions – this may be a temporary choice of a favorite color turquoise.

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