Samsung Galaxy Note N7000

Oh, okay. here I go: the more I use this device, the more I like it.

Samsung even made lots of very cute and cool commercial for this gadget.
First of all, for me this is a super fun tool. Snaps pictures with those BIG screen, draw things or write notes on them.

Yeah you know, with jumping, photographing, write this and write that without carrying so much pens or paper, it’s a bunch of fun :D
I’m not really a doodling-person like the guy in this following vid. But this is interesting to watch ^^d He made cartoons with his own style, meet Charles Jang:

Since elementary school I always loooove to make scrapbooks. I used to make them with magazines, leaflet binder-paper, scissor and some glue. Using Galaxy Note I’m no longer need to use paper and pen or marker or pencil. Save the trees and the inks. No need to go through the hassle of scanning to post it online.

Oh look! this is mine. lol
Just incase you’re curious, I really love sparkling sky. That explain my outer space wallpaper:
And this is my precious One Piece casing :’) I found this at Shen Zhen, and just as I thought that I wouldn’t find this in Jakarta. Lucky me!

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