Shanghai Shadow: Behind the scene

This post is about behind the scenes of my latest photo session with Gita and Helin, Shanghai Shadow.

I use 2 main lights and one of them is a D.I.Y lighting:
I went to electric shop, bought a reflector, 5m wire and a power plug. Then I asked two of my friends to help me build it :3

I actually aimed for a pale-washed-out theme with a dreamy look, but the wardrobe wasn’t available at that time and the lighting didn’t do the work as I expected before.
I was still eager to use the shadow concept, so I change how I do the concept.
So, we was thinking about changing the white bulb with the yellow ones, and then we use plastics to create various color. It turned out to be a… well I don’t know how to say it, I feel a retro ambience in this session because of the colorful lights that i was using. And did you see the small eyes the models had? That’s exactly how the word ‘Shanghai’ popped out of my head.
And the expression! Before the photo session, I e-mailed them a preproduction concept, it was a few set of pictures with gestures, mood and the expression how I want them to portray. Gita and Helin did a great thing :)

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