Ordinary Conversation

F: Look! this is my graduation photo! We took it a few months ago, I miss them.
N: Wow, this is your.. graduation.. from elementary school! great!
F: Yeah still elementary school, lols! :D
N: Now that you’re in junior high, right? Cie yang anak SMP :))
F: Haha, actually it’s kinda late to say that now, it has been going a few months, though.
N: This year you graduated from elementary school, K is going to graduate from junior high, R is going to graduate from high school. Anyway, next year I’ll graduate from collage.
F: Wow you’ll graduate next year?? that’s fast..
N: After I graduate, I’ll be working. /sudden pause/… Omg I can’t believe that, I’ll be.. going to work.
F: You’ll be going to WORK?? how come you grow old so fast???
N: How the hell I know??? lols :)))
N: wait a sec.. what’s this? purikura? :3

F: exactly! it’s really fun. K and I took this photobox picture at Pacific Place.
N: was it at the highest floor? that some kind of timezone?
F: yup, it cost Rp21500 per 1 set of pictures.
N: damn it I didn’t know that there’s an interesting photo machine.
F: and how come i’m the one who know such information? I lived in hk! LOLS!
N: hahaha I love these! Unfortunately people my age doesn’t like them very much.
F: how come??
N: I have no idea. How can people not like this? it’s cute, it’s colorful, and it can sticks anywhere :3
F: Well maybe people who like these didn’t know that you’re one of them :3 so I think you have to be open to others.
N: hmmm, nice point :)


“how come you grow old so fast????”
Okay that question hurt my stomach from laughing too much x)
F, it’s not your fault by hangin’ with your older cousin at most of the time. I think it’s me, I’m the one who hang around with kids too often. Don’t worry, I don’t think it’s a bad habit. Actually, it’s good, it’s healthy :) We can smile a lot, worry about nothing, we play our own Junior*Master*Chef in the kitchen, I role as one of the judges and sit like a boss :P

But sometimes, whenever I look at the mirror, I then realized that I’m almost 22. The age when women usually desperate looking for a date, looking forward to graduate, wearing shirt and skirt, etc. blah. honestly, I don’t give a damn. But one day, when I do give a damn, I’ll let my self know and have fun.


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