Toe is a Japanese music group. Unlike other musician, in Toe, the artist is the music. The emotions and language are in every part of the bars, their every instrument. Their song structure and dynamics are similar to many popular math rock artists (a rhythmically complex guitar-based style of experimental rock).

At first I think this band sounds similar to Depapepe, but when I listen to it a bit more Toe really tastes nothing like Depapepe. One of the most interesting thing is seeing them perform live!

I like the beat of the drums. It’s like a heartbeat. Well if our heart could produce music, maybe it’ll sounds like that.

calming. answering. and responding.

One thought on “Toe

  1. Apriany says:

    i listened to TOE once.. not really once.. but yeah you can call that once hehe.
    so uhmm it’s a nice kind of music..
    but maybe… because my brain already in KPOP scene. lol and uh.. i found this… just ordinary for me.
    if it was the old me, i might be worship this kind of music. because yeah i used to be into this scene, but then people changed…. and me too. lol
    what did i say here.
    overall this TOE is good, but yeah… you should listen to BIGBANG too.
    so yeah..

    on a lighter note,
    happy sunday to you!

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