Reading Lights, Bandung

Namanya ‘Reading Lights’, 2nd-hand book shop and coffee corner, at Jl. Siliwangi 16. My current favorite place :)

Ada tempat yang paling saya suka :D I always sit at that sofa. You can say I’m a huge fan of available light, and right next to it there’s a huge window made from glass. Available light is good for reading (and of course lovely for photography as well, hehe).

I’m not a book worm, but I do enjoy reading and RL is a place that can make you think, “..go on, just read, take your time..” Suasananya sangat homy, dan makanannya enak-enak banget. Mungkin lebih tepatnya makanan ringan, tapi buat ukuran lambung saya sih cukup mengenyangkan. I think they have some kind of special mayonnaise recipe because i’ve never taste such mayos like it in any other place.

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