Best App to Surf Indonesia Stock Market

So you just got yourself an RDI account and you are officially one of the Retail Investor in Indonesia Stock Market. What next? I’m here to recommend several useful apps for you!

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  • Stockbit

Unfortunately, the mobile app from my chosen investment bank (sekuritas) does not have the most user friendly app interface. So a quick browsing is a bit painful. When I need to take a quick look for an issuer (emiten), Stockbit is very much helpful. Since it is integrated with an actual investment bank (supported by Sinarmas), the interface is exactly like your typical mobile app, just a lot better. Don’t worry, you don’t need to register for Sinarmas Investment Bank if you just want to see the data in mobile version. The news and comments are still in Bahasa though, but any fundamental analysis is available in English and simple charts.

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10 years is a long time

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We all agree that this pandemic is not a productivity competition. People are struggling, the health care providers, government, people are sick, withstanding their job, *sigh* it’s such a difficult time for everyone. So I might as well write again.

So, how’s life been treating me? I’ve been well, I’ve been through some preference shift on my interest, hobby and stuff -well yes of course compared to the-2010-me when I started this blog haha (I’m now 30!! omg how craazy is that!!).

I enjoy EDMs now. Blame this on BodyJam class lol. I still do enjoy good lyrical songs (John Mayer oh hello!) but EDM (Electronic Dance Music) for me is pure entertainment. It is 99,99% loud and idk I feel like it reflected my fondness of the fitness world since I’m used to these musics banging on the gym. So, it’s not that I like to go to the club, definitely not. It’s fun because I get to get my serious cardio burning while following interesting dance choreography at the gym.

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I finally happy with my skincare routine. No more flaky/oily skin like I used to have during my college years! I even actually made a new blog about beauty (thewindchill -if you got to read it lol). After a few years of writing that blog, I decided to merge it into this one. At first I thought that blog was just my alter-ego speaking, it eventually morphed into the one I am today. I see it as a long term hobby that I can do anywhere or anytime. If you want to check those writings you can click on “Beauty” on the menu above.


I enjoy doing my makeup. In addition to skincare, apparently applying makeup is very therapeutic and relaxing! I mean I can put on my makeup and wear it through the day although I’m not going anywhere (not even posting a picture). I watched so many videos on YouTube about makeup (YouTube was still a comfortable little place back in 2013 where all the ‘non-popular-kids’ like me hung out lol). The more I let myself venture into the beauty realm, the more I understand that for me makeup and skincare is a part of my “self care” routine. It’s not meant to satisfy anyone but myself.  I even once went through FOMO phase (Fear Of Missing Out) where I literally wanted to buy all of the new launches, I wanted to try EVERYTHING. Fortunately enough at that time local brands were not as many and as interesting as the ones today lol, so my choices were limited and I didn’t need to buy too many things. Now that phase is over, I actually know what makeup products I prefer based on makeup style I enjoy. Also now I know which ingredient in skincare that my skin actually like and dislike.

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  • Have you noticed I re-branded this blog??! Last Imperfection has grew into The Brown Space. Brown because I want this blog to be a cozy warm little Space in the middle of fast content era. I think I should regularly write in here as little as once per month(?) I hope that doesn’t sound too ambitious seeing the my hiatus in the past few years haha. But you know I recently merge my beauty blog, so don’t get confused if you suddenly see a lipstick on your feed.

Although I’m not complaining being at home because of the pandemic, I guess I’m ‘being productive at home’ as a way to sooth my self from the mass panic that the television news has made us feel. Like dr. Mike said: be alert, not panic.

Pregnancy and Miscarriage

It started in the end of January 2018. I experienced the feeling of unexplained fatigue for some times. I guess the most significant measure was that I wasn’t able to carry that one bulky laptop that I used to put in my backpack every single day when I was in collage. Haha it was crazy, it felt so weird that I cannot carry that laptop on my back. I thought was there anything wrong with my health? Well, not until early February that my husband and I witnessed the two red strips. We were happy and our family were full of joy hearing the good news :) Our first visit to the doctor went very well. We want to make sure that there were no false alarm from the two pregnancy test home strips that we used. From the ultrasound, our doctor confirmed that the site of the pregnancy is within the cavity of the uterus, so everything was fine with our 5-weeks-old future child. InsyaAllah next visit will be next month.

Throughout the pregnancy I experienced everything what a mother-to-be might going through. The morning sickness (which for me it’s an all-day nauseated feeling haha), the headache (that feels like a kick in the head), all-day tiredness and of course once or twice slight cramps on my belly. Oh everything was worth the experience :) I thought it was normal until the cramps got really severe and the headache occurred more frequently…

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Fitness Untuk Pemula: Sebaiknya nge-Gym dimana?

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Beberapa waktu lalu saya mendapat beberapa pertanyaan mengenai fitness for beginners. Salah satunya adalah gym mana sih yang bagus untuk pemula?

First of all, kalo km berniat HANYA menggunakan treadmill, urungkanlah niat untuk daftar membership gym. Mendingan jogging di taman dekat rumah or kantor karena akan jauh lebih hemat dan tidak akan ada fasilitas gym yang kmu sia-siakan. Dengan biaya yang kmu keluarkan untuk daftar gym, (berasaskan menghindari ke-mubazir-an) seharusnya pilihlah olahraga yang memang tidak bisa kamu lakukan di luar gym. Ok, jadi kita sudah sepaham ya: ini adalah tulisan yang diperuntukkan untuk para fitness beginners yang mau eksplor active lifestyle.

Kembali lagi ke pertanyaan, “Gym mana sih yang bagus buat pemula?”

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Maxima Fitness Center Review (Fatmawati)

Nampaknya tulisan ini sudah bersarang di draft saya terlalu lama haha. Berhubung saya memasuki bulan ke-4 latihan di Maxima Fitness ini, I guess now it’s the time to write some review. First of all, saya mau bilang kalo gym ini bukan mega gym sejenis Fitness First, Celebrity Fitness, ataupun Gold’s Gym. Jadi ekspektasinya tolong disesuaikan ya hehe. Tapi kalo kamu tujuannya yang penting bisa olahraga tanpa embel-embel mesin bermerk macem Technogym yang terbaru dll, this is the right place. It is a budget-friendly gym with its friendly staff and members.

Maxima Fitness Center ini berlokasi di Jl. Fatmawati Raya No. 14, Cilandak Barat, Jakarta Selatan. Tepat di sebrang Total Buah Segar. Kalo dari arah Blok M, tempatnya di sisi kiri jalan, sekitar 500 meter sebelum lampu merah perempatan Fatmawati – TB Simatupang.

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